Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Get Ready for a Massive Increase in IRS Enforcement Personnel; Republicans Warn of Biden Plan to Deploy 'Army' of IRS Agents to Harass Taxpayers, and related stories

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Get Ready for a Massive Increase in IRS Enforcement Personnel:
Joe Biden is about to overturn the Trump administration’s efforts to actually shrink the size of the federal government.
Mind you, Trump did not shrink the budget or make any effort to control spending. But the estimated 2.1 million civilian workforces of the federal government is about to explode.
Biden has submitted a preliminary $1.5 trillion budget for the executive branch. It directs billions of dollars into hiring to deal with “climate change” and “restore enforcement of environmental and workplace laws, and expand safety net programs in housing, education, public health and veterans’ health,” according to the Washington Post. --->READ MORE HERE
Republicans Warn of Biden Plan to Deploy 'Army' of IRS Agents to Harass Taxpayers:
A new ad campaign offers a stark preview of what could happen if President Joe Biden’s plan to beef up the Internal Revenue Service is approved.
Biden has proposed spending $80 billion to hire 87,000 new IRS workers to beef up tax collections, according to Politico. In theory, the plan would focus on earners at the end, and not change the rate of audits on taxpayers making less than $400,000 a year.
Republicans are pushing back. In an Op-Ed in the Des Moines Register, Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa said the IRS has abused its power in the past.
“The IRS also has a trust deficit. During the Obama administration, the IRS was weaponized to target conservative political organizations, and wasted millions in taxpayer dollars on elaborate conferences, and bonuses for IRS employees who failed to pay their own taxes. The IRS also burned through tens of millions of dollars on software that never got off the ground. Americans are right to be wary about further investment in the IRS without significant controls,” he wrote.
In that context, the Coalition to Protect American Workers has developed a new political ad that will be used against Democrats, according to the Washington Times. --->READ MORE HERE
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