Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Arizona Gov Doug Ducey Labels Border Crisis ‘Man-Made'; Mike Pompeo on Border Crisis: Biden 'threw away all the good work we had done' and related stories

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Arizona Governor Doug Ducey Labels Border Crisis ‘Man-Made,’ at NRI Ideas Summit:
Arizona governor Doug Ducey described the state of the U.S.-Mexico border as “a man-made crisis,” during Friday’s session of National Review Institute’s 2021 Ideas Summit.
While the border has always been an important issue in Arizona politics, Ducey pointed out that Donald Trump’s campaign for president “nationalized the issue” and that his administration’s partnerships with border-state governors “made a real difference” in securing it.
“Where we were in 2020 was dramatically different than where we were before, and then came the Biden administration,” said Ducey.
Ducey explained that while Arizona has acted to shore up enforcement, it can only do so much without federal help, which has not been nearly as forthcoming as it was under Trump. Specifically, Ducey praised the last administration for its crystal-clear messaging as well as negotiation of the “remain in Mexico” and safe-third-nation policies. By contrast, he blasted Biden for either rolling back or getting rid of these, as well as several other important measures. --->READ MORE HERE
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Mike Pompeo on border crisis: Biden 'threw away all the good work we had done':
Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday blamed President Biden for creating a migrant crisis on the southern border by dismantling the successful Trump-era immigration policies.
“This administration threw away all the good work we had done,” Mr. Pompeo told Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.
Mr. Pompeo said he helped negotiate the “Remain in Mexico” policy that kept asylum seekers outside the U.S. while their claims were reviewed.
Mr. Biden reversed the policy and restored a catch-and-release program that lets loose illegal immigrants in the U.S. interior to await an immigration court appearance that takes years. --->READ MORE HERE
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