Monday, May 24, 2021

Democratic Poll: GOP with Major Advantages Heading Into 2022; Inflation Is the Issue That Will Topple the Democrats, and related stories

GOP with major advantages heading into 2022: Democratic poll:
Republican voters are united behind former President Donald Trump and enthusiastic about putting a check on President Joe Biden in 2022 as GOP infighting in Washington fails to translate outside the Beltway.
That is the conclusion of a fresh survey from veteran Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg, who measured Republican voters’ fidelity to Trump and their intensity as it relates to participation in next year’s midterm elections. Greenberg discovered that three-quarters of the Republican electorate takes its cues from Trump and GOP voters overall are, by 11 percentage points, more interested in 2022 than Democrats.
The data defy initial assumptions that Trump’s dominance over party affairs post-presidency, and headline-grabbing disagreements about this among prominent Republicans in Washington, would be a drag on GOP prospects in the next round of federal elections. Greenberg says the dynamic could sink Democrats running in key contests for the House, Senate, and governorship — in several states.
In a memorandum outlining the poll’s findings, Greenberg wrote that his team was “surprised by how much Donald Trump’s loyalist party is totally consolidated at this early point in its 2022 voting and how engaged it is.”
“Yes,” he added, “they have pulled back from historic presidential year levels: The percent scoring 10, the highest level of interest in the election, has fallen from 84% to 68%. But Democrats’ engagement fell from 85% to 57%. Republicans are following the political theater much more closely than are Democrats.” --->READ MORE HERE
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite
Inflation Is the Issue That Will Topple the Democrats:
Inflation is a regressive tax on the middle class and the poor. It destroys real income in order to reduce the real cost of debt service — until creditors revolt, and demand an extra risk premium for lending to profligate governments. Below is my most recent column at Asia Times:
US inflation explodes in April with worse to come
US inflation is set to explode after massive fiscal stimulus measures. Image: iStock NEW YORK – A 10% surge in used car prices pushed the “core” US Consumer Price Index (CPI) up by 0.9% in April – an annualized rate of increase of more than 11% – in the highest inflation print since the Great Financial Crisis of 2008. There’s worse to come, as higher housing costs feed into consumer prices.
The consensus forecast called for an increase in the “core” rate (excluding food and energy) of just 0.3%. We have been warning for weeks that visible price increases for homes, cars, and other items would produce an inflation surge. This one lands on Biden’s lap. Republicans, take note.
I’ve been warning (“Inflation might bring down Biden“) that Biden’s multi-trillion dollar bribes to Democratic constituencies would produce a price tsunami. Well, it’s happening now. Here’s what I wrote this morning at Asia Times: --->READ MORE HERE
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