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Cease-Fire in Gaza: What We Know About the Israel, Hamas Agreement; Senate Republicans seek to divert Gaza funding to Israel's Iron Dome, and 10 other Israel related stories

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Cease-fire in Gaza: What we know about the Israel, Hamas agreement:
Thousands of Palestinians rallied with joy on Friday to celebrate the cease-fire reached between Israel and Hamas, halting an 11-day military conflict.
The cease-fire brokered by Egypt followed growing pressure from President Joe Biden's administration and others foreign leaders to de-escalate the conflict – which wrought far more devastation in Gaza than Israel and killed significantly more Palestinians. Hamas fired rockets indiscriminately into civilian areas in Israel while Israel pounded Gaza with airstrikes.
Israel described the agreement as "mutual and unconditional." Biden hailed the truce and commended Benjamin Netanyahu after the Israeli prime minister confirmed ithe cease-fire by phone Thursday evening.
Who has been killed in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?
The latest Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been the worst outbreak of violence in the Mideast since 2014.
At least 230 Palestinians have been killed, including 64 children and 38 women, since the fighting began. Another 1,620 people have been wounded, according to the Gaza Health Ministry, which does not break the numbers down into fighters and civilians.
In Israel, 12 people, including a 5-year-old boy, a 16-year-old girl and a soldier, have been killed.
In addition, 58,000 Palestinians have been displaced from their homes during the conflict, while 18 hospital and clinics and a health facility were destroyed, according to the World Health Organization. The central COVID-19 testing lab in Gaza City was almost completely destroyed. --->LOTS MORE HERE
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Senate Republicans seek to divert Gaza funding to Israel's Iron Dome:
Senate Republicans introduced legislation Friday to redirect U.S. foreign aid from Gaza to Israel‘s Iron Dome, the anti-missile defense system that has destroyed thousands of rockets launched this month toward Jerusalem by Hamas.
The Emergency Resupply for Iron Dome Act would authorize the Biden administration to replenish the Iron Dome Weapon System, which uses radar to locate incoming rockets and destroys them by firing Tamir interceptors, each of which costs an estimated $100,000.
“My legislation requires the Biden administration to halt U.S. foreign assistance from going to Gaza and other Hamas-dominated areas and instead to redirect these resources to help Israel resupply its live-saving Iron Dome interceptors,” said Sen. Bill Hagerty, Tennessee Republican, the bill’s chief sponsor. “The United States should unequivocally support the right of Israel to defend itself from terrorists.” --->READ MORE HERE
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