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Americans are Tired of the Left's Lie that U.S. is Systemically Racist; Coming to America: Africans, Caribbeans Flock to ‘Systemically Racist’ US, and related stories

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Americans are tired of the left's lie that U.S. is systemically racist:
Racism is the practice of according rights and privileges to an individual not based on equality under the law, but rather according to what race that person was born.
It is antithetical to every principle our country was founded on, from the promise of our Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal” to the equal protection clause of our Constitution. It was a malignancy we fought a Civil War to remove. For generations, it has been denounced by every American of good will for the evil that it is.
Yet this dangerous social pathology is now rampant in Washington. The House Judiciary Committee recently adopted a measure on a party line vote to establish a commission with the avowed purpose of enshrining racism into law under the guise of slavery reparations.
The biased composition of this commission is obvious. There’s not a single Republican appointment. It is designed to reach into the long dead past, revive its most malevolent conflicts and re-introduce them into our age. --->READ MORE HERE
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Coming to America: Africans, Caribbeans Flock to ‘Systemically Racist’ US:
If AmeriKKKa is so bigoted, why do Africans and Caribbeans leave black-run, predominantly black nations and come to the United States of America, which the Democrat left condemns as Earth’s headwaters of “systemic racism” and white supremacy?
According to the most recent Department of Homeland Security data, 548,891 African immigrants became permanent U.S. residents between 2015 and 2019. In 2020, these were the top 10 African sources for such new green card holders —plus each nation’s black population percentage, courtesy of the CIA “World Factbook.” 
  • Nigeria: 12,247 individuals from a 99% black country. 
  • Democratic Republic of Congo: 11,752; 100% 
  • Ethiopia: 5,461; 87.4%. 
  • Ghana: 4,532; 98.5%. 
  • Kenya: 3,063; 91.8%. 
  • Eritrea: 2,845; 95%. 
  • Cameroon: 2,747; 95.5%. 
  • Somalia: 2,636; 85%. 
  • South Africa: 2,372; 79.2%. 
  • Sudan: 2,017; 70%.
Total: 49,672 permanent residents from 10 nations that are 90.1% black, on average. America’s population is 13.4% black.
Each of these African nations yielded more permanent residents to America in 2020 than did the 944 from Sweden. Largely blond, blue-eyed Sweden is 82.3% white. Swedes, at least ethnically, are precisely the type whom a “systemically racist,” white supremacist nation would greet with pompoms aflutter. And yet Swedish green card recipients totaled fewer than half of those from Sudan. --->READ MORE HERE
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