Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Biden’s Migrant Plan Has Cost Taxpayers At Least $3B, Records Show; The Biden Admin Just Let Deportations Fall to the Lowest Level Ever Recorded. and related stories

Biden’s migrant plan has cost taxpayers at least $3B, records show:
The federal government has awarded about $3 billion in contracts to shelter unaccompanied illegal immigrant children since February, records show.
The Department of Health and Human Services awarded the three largest federal contracts, worth over $2 billion, to two private companies and one nonprofit — as record illegal immigration surges began overwhelming authorities at the southern border.
The contracts went to Deployed Resources of Rome, NY, Family Endeavors in San Antonio, Texas, and Rapid Deployment in Mobile, Ala.
Deployed Resources secured a $719 million contract to house 1,500 migrant children at a facility in Donna, Texas, and was previously contracted by the Trump administration for similar jobs.
Family Endeavors, a disaster relief agency, could earn up to $580 million from the feds for running an emergency intake site in Pecos, Texas. --->READ MORE HERE
The Biden Admin Just Let Deportations Fall to the Lowest Level Ever Recorded:
The Biden administration’s lax immigration policies have led to a record-low number of deportations.
In April, Immigration and Customs Enforcement deported 2,962 illegal immigrants, a 20 percent fall from March, when 3,716 illegal immigrants were deported, The Washington Post reported.
Between fiscal years 2017 and 2020, roughly corresponding to the time Trump was president, 935,346 illegal immigrants were deported, according to Forbes.
The April deportation number was a record, according to The Post, and marked the first time deportations have ever dipped below 3,000 in any month.
It also came in a month during which Customs and Border Protection data shows that in April, there were about 162,000 encounters with migrants along the southern border, Fox News reported. --->READ MORE HERE
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