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TRUMP NEWS: Trump to Hannity: ‘Big Tech should face antitrust scrutiny’; 'I'm really getting the word out' with press releases, Trump says; Twitter now is 'very boring', and other Trump related stories

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Trump to Hannity: ‘Big Tech should face antitrust scrutiny’:
In an exclusive interview with “Hannity,” former President Donald J. Trump said that social media and Big Tech firms like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Google should face the scrutiny of antitrust investigatory bodies, given their monopolistic actions toward American political discourse.
The Palm Beach, Fla., resident added that a video released by investigative journalist James O’Keefe proves that CNN committed “campaign violations.”
In the video, CNN technical director Charles Chester made several shocking revelations about the network’s mission to “get Trump out”, and that CNN President Jeffrey Zucker would call into the control room on a “red phone” to demand COVID-19 casualty data be made more prominent during a newscast to increase ratings.
“I’m getting the word out because we are doing [press] releases,” Trump said of being banned by Twitter and Facebook. “Every time I do a release, it’s all over the place. It is better than Twitter. Much more elegant than Twitter and Twitter is really boring.” --->READ MORE HERE
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'I'm really getting the word out' with press releases, Trump says; Twitter now is 'very boring':
Former President Donald Trump, permanently banned from Twitter, slammed the social media service in an interview that aired Friday and said he preferred issuing press releases to posting on the platform.
“I’m really getting the big word out because we’re doing releases,” Mr. Trump said to Fox News host Sean Hannity. “And every time I do a release, it’s all over the place. It’s better than Twitter, much more elegant than Twitter. And Twitter now is very boring. A lot of people are leaving Twitter. Twitter is becoming very, very boring.”
Mr. Trump, a prolific Twitter user prior to being punted from the platform, also said during the interview that he considers himself somewhat responsible for the success of the social media service.
“When I started with Twitter years ago, it was like a failed thing, concept, media platform. It was failed. And it became exciting. And I think I had a lot to do with it, to be honest with you. It became very exciting. And now it’s boring and it’s no good anymore,” said Mr. Trump. --->READ MORE HERE
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