Sunday, April 11, 2021

Teachers are Vaxxed, the Science is Clear: Stop Abusing Our Children and Open the Schools; NYC Parents Start GoFundMe for Legal Push to Fully Reopen Public Schools, and other C-Virus Updates

Teachers are vaxxed, the science is clear: Stop abusing our children and open the schools:
Open. The. Schools.
It’s been more than a year since schools closed for the COVID-19 virus. Across the country and across the world, schools have opened up, full-time, for students.
But those of us unlucky enough to live in places with powerful teachers unions and, more importantly, weak leadership, have heard excuse after excuse how it’s just not possible here.
Enough. Open the schools.
Stop lying to parents and dangling promises. Just open.
In November, Mayor de Blasio closed New York City schools when the city COVID positive test rate hit 3 percent. When, nearly a month later he reopened elementary schools only, he did it with a giant promise: 5 days a week was coming.
Parents were thrilled. Five days a week! Dare we dream, in the greatest city in the world, to have for our kids what kids across the country have had for months? Could it be that our leadership had finally recognized the science that reflects how rarely children have a bad outcome with COVID-19? --->READ MORE HERE
Helayne Seidman
NYC parents start GoFundMe for legal push to fully reopen public schools:
Fed-up parents are to set to take legal action to immediately open New York City schools five days a week — with teachers in every classroom.
The parents raised $20,000 as of Friday through a GoFundMe campaign to hire a lawyer and file on Monday for an emergency injunction.
Upper West Side mom Natalya Murakhver, who started the fund-raising campaign, said the move comes after striking out with rallies and other measures to return kids to school full time.
“What’s been horrifying to me is to realize that this city is not putting its children first.” Murakhver said. “The union is the only one at the table with the mayor. The mayor almost seeks approval from the union to make any changes.”
Teachers union boss Michael Mulgrew has resisted redoing COVID-19 rules and initially opposed Mayor de Blasio’s proposal to ease the restrictive mandate that required schools close with at least two unrelated coronavirus cases. The union then endorsed de Blasio’s plan, announced Thursday, that schools would close if four positive cases emerged. --->READ MORE HERE
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