Sunday, April 11, 2021

Critical Race Theory Is Just Another Faddish Attempt To Hide Public School Failures; Grassroots Organization Forms to Help Parents Fight Critical Race Theory and Politicization in Classrooms

Critical Race Theory Is Just Another Faddish Attempt To Hide Public School Failures:
Until parents have a choice, they can expect to see more sanctimonious superintendents lecturing parents and employees about institutional racism and more teachers unions refusing to work.
According to a recent report from The Federalist, the leadership of Naperville, Ill. school district 203, located in a wealthy suburb outside Chicago, has implemented critical race theory (CRT) training for its teachers. Led by Dena Simmons, founder of the activist group LiberatED, the trainers informed teachers that their students’ “education is based on whiteness” and that they struggle under the burden of institutional racism.
Understandably, teachers took offense to this and complained. Despite all its buzzwords like “equity,” “justice,” and “inclusivity,” CRT is simply reverse racism, blaming white people and Western culture for academic disparities among racial minorities. It is a popular leftist narrative that targets whites and conservatives to win support among nonwhites and leftists, not actual scholarship based on real evidence.
This much has already been mentioned by those who argue against CRT. While it’s important to reiterate these points, it’s also important to consider why school districts and other organizations implement these ideas in the first place.
Indeed, some are true believers in CRT, seeing in it a perfect explanation that accounts for all the disparities happening in today’s America. They will cite the prison statistics, compare every institution to Jim Crow, and aggressively pursue alleged white supremacists. As Nathanael Blake argues, CRT can easily morph into a religion: “For some people, racism and whiteness have become free-floating substitutes for older ideas such as the Christian doctrine of original sin.” --->READ MORE HERE
Grassroots organization forms to help parents fight critical race theory and politicization in classrooms:
Parents who think schools are becoming overly politicized have started their own coalition to fight back against curricula they believe are fueling racial and political divisions in their students.
This week, a group of parents formed Parents Defending Education, a national grassroots organization that gives parents resources on how to get involved at the local level and allows people to fill out incident reports with regard to classroom activities they find concerning.
The coalition made its public debut on Tuesday, but over the past month, it started filing complaints and Freedom of Information Act requests to a number of U.S. school districts over what is on their curricula and how they're distributing financial assistance to students.
Nicole Neily, president and founder of Parents Defending Education, said she believes there is a growing unease among parents over what their children are being taught in schools, and there's been an increased awareness while students have been learning from home.
"Frankly, with the pandemic, it was kind of a perfect storm with people seeing in their living rooms what was going on in the classrooms," Neily told the Washington Examiner. --->READ MORE HERE
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