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Behind the Scenes at Biden's Bizarre Press Conference; Watch: Biden Has Multiple Verbal Stumbles in Only 53 Seconds, and other related stories

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Behind the Scenes at Biden's Bizarre Press Conference
The president holds a presser and it was just plain weird
After 64 days without a press conference — the longest span of any new president in a century — President Biden last week finally held a presser and it was, uh … just plain weird.
Mr. Biden, 78, lost his train of thought a few times, rambled off topic, answered questions that weren’t asked, randomly yelled angrily and repeatedly referred to cheat sheets to answer questions from reporters. At one point, Mr. Biden just weirdly wandered away from the podium and started talking before he was back at his microphone.
But there was something far more bizarre going on behind the scenes. While the White House briefing room holds 49 reporters in assigned seats — and presidents often hold press conferences in the Rose Garden, allowing for dozen more reporters to attend — there were just 30 reporters allowed in the East Room for Mr. Biden’s event.
It all gets weirder. Here are the journalists who attended and their news outlets:
Cecilia Vega (ABC); Karen Travers (ABC News Radio); Jerome Cartillier (Agence France-Presse); Zeke Miller (Associated Press); Justin Sink (Bloomberg); Nancy Cordes (CBS); Steven Portnoy (CBS News Radio); Kaitlan Collins (CNN); Peter Doocy (Fox); Kevin Robillard (Huffington Post); Gary Martin (Las Vegas Review-Journal); Michael Wilner (McClatchy); Kristen Welker (NBC); Zolan Kanno-Youngs (New York Times); Emerald Robinson (Newsmax); Ayesha Rascoe (NPR); Yamiche Alcindor (PBS); Anita Kumar (Politico); Marek Walkuski (Polskie Radio); Philip Wegmann (RealClearPolitics); Jarrett Renshaw (Reuters); Ching-Yi Chang (Shanghai Media Group); Scott Thuman (Sinclair); April Ryan (The Grio); Brian Bennett (Time); Janet Rodríguez (Univision); Courtney Subramanian (USA Today); Ken Thomas (Wall Street Journal); Chris Johnson (Washington Blade); and Seung Min Kim (Washington Post). --->READ MORE HERE
Watch: Biden Has Multiple Verbal Stumbles in Only 53 Seconds:
On Monday, President Joe Biden gave remarks from the White House on the progress of COVID-19 vaccination efforts amid rising cases of the virus and loosening of pandemic-related restrictions around the country.
As Biden warned Americans that the ongoing health crisis was “deadly serious,” he conspicuously stumbled over his words on too many occasions not to merit comment from a public already concerned about the commander-in-chief’s cognitive health.
In the span of just 53 seconds, he made a number of concerning errors that are impossible to ignore.
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