Wednesday, March 24, 2021

WHAT? ... Pharmacy Apologizes for Denying Two Illegal Immigrants COVID-19 Vaccines; World Has Paid a Terrible Price for the Tyranny of COVID-19 'experts', and other C-Virus Updates

Pharmacy apologizes for denying two illegal immigrants COVID-19 vaccines:
Retail pharmacy Rite Aid issued an apology after one Southern California store denied two illegal immigrants COVID-19 vaccines.
"In such an unprecedented rollout, there are going to be mistakes and there will be always areas for providers to improve -- we’re seeking out those opportunities every day," Rite Aid said in a statement to the Washington Examiner.
Rite Aid said the immigrants, both women, have since received their first COVID-19 dose after they were told earlier this month that they couldn't receive a vaccine. The company said the vaccine denial incidents were unrelated and added that its staff has been retrained on store policy never to turn anyone away. --->READ MORE HERE
AP Photo/Alex Brandon
World has paid a terrible price for the tyranny of COVID-19 'experts':
On average, people live longer in richer and freer countries than they do in poor ones. Knowing this, does it make sense to deliberately make a country poorer?
How strong should the wing be on a jetliner? The wing needs to be strong enough not to break off given the stresses it is likely to face but not so strong that it adds unnecessary weight to the airplane which will impede its ability to fly people long distances inexpensively.
Many have walked over the magnificent stone Charles Bridge in Prague whose construction was started in 1357. Some comment that “they just don’t build things now like they used to,” which ignores the fact than most every other bridge that was built 700 years ago collapsed long ago.
The Charles Bridge was a huge mistake in that it was greatly overbuilt and designed by engineers who had little knowledge of material science. It was built by poorly fed and sheltered workers over several decades (most of whom probably never lived long enough to enjoy the completed structure). It did not meet a reasonable cost-benefit standard for the people who built and/or paid for it. --->READ MORE HERE
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