Monday, March 15, 2021

Texas Bill Opens Up Loophole on Biden: The Border Wall Might Get Built After All; Wall Construction Under Biden? Red States Can Complete Border Wall in Texas and Arizona

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Texas Bill Opens Up Loophole on Biden: The Border Wall Might Get Built After All:
This bill could be the key to securing the southern border.
Texas state Rep. Bryan Slaton filed a bill in the Texas House of Representatives on March 4 aimed at creating a fund to pay for “border security enhancement projects.” As an Op-Ed from The Blaze’s Daniel Horowitz explained, it could even lead to the construction of the border wall in certain states.
Slaton’s bill would use state funds to complete the border wall in Texas and would require the governor to seek reimbursement from the federal government. In short, if the bill passes in the Texas legislature, the state would be able to construct a border wall system along its southern border using money from the Biden administration.
The bill would also strengthen Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s existing push for border security, reinforcing “Operation Lone Star” which launched this week and deployed National Guard and Border Patrol agents to protect the southern border against incoming drug cartels.
Both moves for security on the border are being made in response to the Biden administration’s actions so far. President Joe Biden halted construction of the border wall the day he took office, declaring a pause on “work on each construction project on the southern border wall.”
Construction for the border wall began in 2017 with then-President Donald Trump’s Executive Order 13767, which ordered “the immediate construction of a physical wall on the southern border.” --->READ MORE HERE
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Horowitz: Wall construction under Biden? Red states can complete border wall in Texas and Arizona:
Work with Mexico, build the wall, and make Biden pay for it?
What can states do when the federal government not only keeps its border open, but directly invites the cartels and smugglers to bring in potentially millions of new migrants, along with cartel members, gangsters, and previously deported criminals? That is a question we never thought we'd have to grapple with, but it is of vital importance for our national security and communities.
In January, I laid out the constitutional case for states to secure the border when the federal government is actively working against border security, one of the foundational purposes for the states to create a federal government in the first place. Now, one Texas lawmaker is introducing a bill that could serve as the impetus for states actually securing some degree of control over the border.
On Monday, Texas state Rep. Bryan Slaton filed HB 2862, which would fund the completion of the border wall in Texas with state funds. The bill requires the governor to request reimbursement from the federal government. Such an effort would bolster the existing Operation Lone Star, in which Gov. Greg Abbott has deployed the Texas Rangers to the border.
The reason this bill is so important is because the Biden administration halted the construction of the border fence even while portions of the wall were still being built. The fact that parts of the wall were built non-contiguously has allowed the cartels to easily go around the fencing. Worse, as I reported last week, the cartels now have the advantage of using the new access roads built during the construction. Thus, the half-completed fencing, in some ways, leaves us more vulnerable than before the construction. --->READ MORE HERE

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