Sunday, March 14, 2021

GOOD MORNING CLASS, Today you are going to learn why not to call Mommy and Daddy, Mommy and Daddy

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NYC School ‘Inclusive Language’ Guide Encourages Students to Stop Saying ‘Mom,’ ‘Dad’:
A private K-12 school in Manhattan is encouraging its students to stop using the terms “mom,” “dad” and “parents,” in an effort to make the campus a more “welcoming and inclusive” space.
In a 12-page “inclusive language” guide (pdf), the Grace Church School recommends that students, staff, and parents “remove harmful assumptions” from the way they interact. For example, “grown-ups,” “folks,” “family” or “guardians” are considered better alternatives to “mom,” “dad” and “parents,” because they allege the latter contain assumptions about what a “typical” family looks like.
“Families are formed and structured in many ways,” the language guide states. “At Grace Church School, we use inclusive language that reflects this diversity. It’s important to refrain from making assumptions about who kids live with, who cares for them, whether they sleep in the same place every night, whether they see their parents, etc.”
It added that “traditional family” is an outdated term. “We actively try to undo notions of a ‘typical’ or ‘normal’ family structure,” the school says. “Each family is unique.” --->READ MORE HERE
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British University Guide for Academics Bans the Terms 'Mother' and 'Father':
I think someone at the University of Manchester in Great Britain has some mommy issues. Maybe some daddy issues too. Perhaps they’ve got “mommy and daddy” issues.
Whatever it is, they got problems. How else do you explain a guide for academics who write under the university’s name, that bans the use of the words “mother” and “father”? They also banned the words “man” and “woman” although in a world of a million different genders, that’s not surprising. They are to be replaced by the words “individual” and “guardian.
They’ve also banned the words “diabetic” for some reason (did the Sugar Plum Fairies complain?) and have eliminated age discrimination in one, titanic blow by banning any reference to seniors, “elderly”, “pensioners”, “youngsters”, and the dreaded “mature workforce.”
With Mother’s Day in Great Britain celebrated this weekend, what does the good little woke child do? Wish the individual who gave birth to you “Happy Guardians Day”? --->READ MORE HERE
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