Sunday, March 14, 2021

Biden and Iran: Biden to Collaborate With Iran on Peace in Afghanistan; Lawmakers urge Biden not to ignore Iran's support for terrorism, and related stories

Biden to Collaborate With Iran on Peace in Afghanistan:
After September 11, Biden proposed sending a $200 million check to Iran.
This is almost as good of a plan from Tehran Joe. The United States wants to get out of Afghanistan. And that's what we should do. Unfortunately, every such effort seems to involve idiotic and pointless efforts at negotiating a deal with the Taliban. Any negotiations with the Taliban are a meaningless circus that only humiliate America and empower Al Qaeda's Islamist allies. Any deal that we reach will be worthless. Just like it was in Vietnam.
The lesson should have been, win or withdraw, but don't waste time negotiating with your enemies.
The Biden administration, like his former boss, loves negotiating and is trying to bring Iran into a process for bringing peace to Afghanistan.
The Blinken letter sent to the Afghan government tells them that the Biden administration intends to, "accelerate peace talks and to bring all parties into compliance with their commitments."
The peace talks are a joke and so are the commitments. --->READ MORE HERE
Iranian Presidency Office via AP
Lawmakers urge Biden not to ignore Iran's support for terrorism:
A bipartisan group of 140 members of Congress says it supports the Biden administration’s desire to engage with Iran, but only if the goal is to reach a deal that goes beyond simply limiting Iranian nuclear activities and addresses Tehran’s ballistic missile programs and support for terrorism.
“We are united in preventing an Iranian nuclear weapon and addressing the wide range of illicit Iranian behavior,” the group of 70 Democrats and 70 Republicans wrote in a letter to the administration on Tuesday, asserting that “Iran’s malign behavior throughout the Middle East must be addressed.”
The letter, spearheaded Rep. Anthony Brown, Maryland Democrat, and Rep. Michael Waltz, Florida Republican, comes as the Biden administration seeks to rejuvenate the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal that former President Trump pulled the U.S. out of in 2018.
The Trump administration was sharply critical of the Obama-era deal, which had eased international sanctions on Iran in exchange for limits to and inspections of Iranian nuclear activities, but had ignored Tehran’s regional meddling, support for terrorism and ballistic missile program that violated years of U.N. Security Council resolutions. --->READ MORE HERE
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