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Biden Backs Law That Could Put 57 Million Americans Out of Work; Unions and Democrats Attack the Right to Work, and related stories

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Biden Backs Law That Could Put 57 Million Americans Out of Work:
Democrats want as many Americans out of work and dependent on the government as possible — and one of their newest legislative pushes makes that an indisputable fact.
Although President Joe Biden has been doing his best to depress the American economy by killing thousands of union jobs and plunging America into generational debt, it’s all a pittance compared to what the Protecting the Right to Organize Act of 2021 could do if signed into law.
The PRO Act, passed by the House of Representatives last month and endorsed by Biden this week, could obliterate as many as 57 million jobs — that’s how many Americans freelanced in 2019, according to a survey released that year — by essentially outlawing freelance employment.
Writing Tuesday for the Washington Examiner, commentator Brad Polumbo focused on the way the legislation would target the gig economy that many in the workforce enjoy. --->READ MORE HERE
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Unions and Democrats Attack the Right to Work:
Big Labor advanced halfway to achieving its top political priority Tuesday when the House narrowly passed the Protecting the Right to Organize Act. Despite the title, the PRO Act is stunningly, brazenly opposed to giving workers choices. It would strip from millions of workers the ability to make their own decisions about union participation.
The legislation, which President Biden has promised to sign if the Senate passes it, would be the most significant overhaul of private-sector collective-bargaining laws since the 1940s. It would tilt the playing field sharply in favor of unions and against workers and employers.
Perhaps most significant, the PRO Act would override and effectively repeal right-to-work laws, on the books in most states, which allow employees to decline union membership and not pay union fees. While the Supreme Court held in 2018 that the First Amendment guarantees this right to public employees, private workers lack that protection.
The term “right to work” gained prominence with a 1903 McClure’s magazine article by Ray Stannard Baker. He interviewed miners who crossed picket lines during the Pennsylvania coal strike of 1902. Scottish-American engineer Charles Monie told him, “I have a right to work when I like, for what I like, and for whom I like.” Another man, reportedly blinded in a subsequent attack by union sympathizers, told Baker, “I believe that a man should have a right, no matter what his reasons are, to work when and where he pleases without dictation from anyone.” --->READ MORE HERE
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