Thursday, February 18, 2021

Republicans Hammer Biden on Lack of Clear Push for School Reopening; Team Biden is Making Up Absurd Excuses for Shuttered Schools Just to Please Unions, and other C-Virus Updates

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Republicans hammer Biden on lack of clear push for school reopening:
Republicans on Monday continued to press President Biden to use his influence to help reopen schools, pointing out that government scientists say virtually all schools can reopen safety — even in hard-hit areas if COVID-19 tests are used.
“The CDC says it’s safe to open schools. So why does the ‘party of science’ want to keep schools closed?” tweeted Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio).
“The science is unequivocally clear: Schools are safe to reopen. But instead of following the science, the Biden administration is caving to teachers’ unions. This is irresponsible & unacceptable,” wrote Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC).
Mace added: “Nearly a million working moms quit their jobs due to school closures, dialing the clock back by decades on women’s workplace progress.” She is pushing for new tax credits. --->READ MORE HERE
Team Biden is making up absurd excuses for shuttered schools just to please unions:
Remember the good old days, when the issue of reopening schools to full-time, in-class instruction was about COVID? It’s not about helping people avoid contracting the novel coronavirus any longer.
Now it’s about saving them from . . . mold. And asthma. And other conditions that have nothing whatever to do with COVID and everything to do with coming up with reasons why schools should remain closed until teachers unions decide it’s all right for their members to go back to doing what teachers have done since the days of ancient Athens — instruct their charges in person. Face to face.
Professional education journalists and Democratic politicians shift the goalposts daily, to make it harder and more complicated, not easier, to get kids back in a classroom with a teacher in front of them.
Case in point: The Washington Post’s Valerie Strauss, who archly informs us that “many schools were not healthy environments for human beings before the pandemic. In too many places, this is the ordinary: crumbling buildings, unhealthy air quality, bugs and rodents, mold, broken or nonexistent air conditioning and heaters, nonfunctioning toilets, etc. If you don’t think that takes a daily toll on everybody inside a school, guess again.” --->READ MORE HERE
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