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Democrats Continue to Misuse Pandemic Relief to Push Pre-COVID-19 Wish List; Commentary Across the Spectrum is Demanding Schools Reopen, and other C-Virus Updates

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Democrats Continue to Misuse Pandemic Relief to Push Pre-COVID-19 Wish List:
For Congress, it is customary to misuse must-pass legislation as the vehicle for policies that would otherwise fail on their own. But to hide behind the veil of pandemic relief for a third round of aid while $1.1 trillion remains unspent from previous aid packages is insulting.
That is what Democrats are now doing, taking advantage of the coronavirus to include provisions in a relief bill that are neither COVID-19-related nor helpful for getting Americans back to work and reopening the economy.
The House of Representatives last week started piecing together what will become a $1.9 trillion pandemic relief package and will force it through Congress at record speed under the process of budget reconciliation.
This expedited procedure allows legislation to pass the Senate with a simple majority, not the usual 60-vote threshold. This turns the bill into a silver bullet for progressives to check off longstanding items on their wish list.
In this next round of aid, Democrats are aiming to pass a hike in the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, taxpayer-funded bailouts to unfunded multiemployer pension plans, bailouts for poorly managed states, and an increase to federal unemployment insurance supplement payments to $400 per week on top of regular benefits.
Any one of these provisions would strike a damaging blow to an already emaciated American economy. Including all four would result in economic convulsion. --->READ MORE HERE
Robert Miller
Commentary across the spectrum is demanding schools reopen:
Kids have suffered grievously over the past year: lousy remote “learning,” lost routines and social lives, spiraling mental illness. Most of the blame lies with teachers ­unions that refuse to return to the classroom, despite all evidence that schools aren’t COVID spreaders, and politicians beholden to Big ­Labor, not least President Biden. Yet a rising chorus of voices — left, right and center — is demanding full-time, in-person instruction:
Conservative: No Excuse
“Every major excuse for keeping schools closed . . . is crumbling before our eyes,” cheers National Review’s Robert Verbruggen. For one thing, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has come out for reopening schools — including under the Biden regime. A paper by CDC scientists published after Biden’s inauguration concluded that “there has been little evidence that schools have contributed meaningfully to increased community transmission.” Plus, research continues to reaffirm scientists’ early finding that kids transmit the virus at a much lower rate than do adults. “Every halfway plausible reason to close schools is either dead or dying. Let’s reopen them already.” --->READ MORE HERE
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