Friday, February 12, 2021

Deadbeat Nation?; US Courts 'Clogged Up' With Eviction Cases As Activist Groups Fight Back

Deadbeat Nation?
This post isn’t going to get me any nominations for a humanitarian award, but here goes…………..
My family owns a number of rental properties in the San Francisco Bay Area. The apartments were acquired decades ago at cheap prices, and they have been good sources of monthly income. The tenants were reliable and paid on time. The “Past Due” column in the monthly report was always a row of 0.00s. Until recently.
I scrolled through the latest report, and I saw entries like this
Indeed, some folks were three or four months behind, whereas the majority of the tenants paid their bills promptly. I kept scrolling………
And the reason for all these delinquencies? I’d like to suggest that this order from California Governor Newsom might just have a little to do with it: --->READ MORE HERE
US Courts 'Clogged Up' With Eviction Cases As Activist Groups Fight Back:
After his inauguration last month, President Joe Biden signed an executive order extending eviction moratoriums until the end of March. Even with the moratorium in place, Reuters reports evictions courts around the country are clogged up with cases.
Housing activists have mobilized to protect the working-poor who owe billions of dollars in back rent from being booted onto the streets. In Kansas City, Missouri, late last month, Judge Jack Grate held a virtual online court session for Tonya Raynor,64, who owed $2,790 in back rent.
As Judge Grate asked, "Miss Raynor, are you there?" - a chorus of people said, "This is not justice. This is violence." They said, "Judge Grate, you are making people homeless! You are killing people!"
The voices in Raynor's microphone belonged to members of KC Tenants, an anti-eviction group that has put immense pressure on Kansas City's eviction system. Similar groups have gained traction in other metro areas who chant slogans such as "Cancel Rent," "No Debt," and "No Evictions." --->READ MORE HERE

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