Saturday, January 23, 2021

Trump Terrorizes the Swamp: 'We will be back...'; GOP Officials: Doubling Down on Trumpism Called Key to Returning To Power, and related stories

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Trump terrorizes the swamp: 'We will be back...':
Washington will never be the same.
But former President Donald Trump? He leaves office today the very same man who swore the oath of office four years ago. He leaves the very same man who launched his campaign for the presidency over five years ago.
It is true he has been denied a second term. For now. But they also stole his first term from him.
In a town where everybody gets a honeymoon, Mr. Trump was not even allowed to work one single day without the constant onslaught of distraction.
From his first moment in office, they threw everything they had at him. They made up lies. They launched fake inquiries. Dispatched the most powerful espionage apparatus on the planet against him. They turned the entire bureaucracy — including the military — against him.
Even a global pandemic was unloosed against him in the middle of his re-election campaign.
They undermined every democratic institution and strained every constitutional safeguard in an attempt to destroy him.
Yet he emerged, still standing tall. --->READ MORE from Charles Hurt HERE
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Republican officials: Doubling down on Trumpism called key to returning to power
Former President Donald Trump is out of the White House, but Trumpism still dominates the Republican Party.
His stricter tack on trade and immigration and his America First agenda now stand as the gold standard for Republican candidates, GOP officials say.
The path for the out-of-power Republican Party, they say, is not a return to the traditional GOP establishment but instead a doubling down on Mr. Trump‘s version of conservatism.
“We don’t want a McCain or a Romney that is not going to push back. We tried that and we lost miserably,” said Jonathan Martin, the chairman of the Republican Party in Lee County, Florida.
Mr. Trump‘s hold on Republican voters also makes his talk of forming a third party — what he’s reportedly calling the Patriot Party — a real threat to the GOP if he is serious. --->READ MORE HERE
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