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ILLEGALS Want Their Open Borders: Chants of 'Biden, Biden' at the border; Open Borders Lobby Urges Joe Biden to Quickly Grant Executive Amnesty, and related stories

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Chants of 'Biden, Biden' at the border:
While social unrest continues to percolate in the U.S., the hopes of many people to enter the U.S. by the southern border have not disappeared. They appear to be increasing in intensity, with a plea directed toward President-elect Joseph R. Biden himself, according to a new report.
“Migrants chanting ‘Biden! Biden!’ attempt to rush the border. Will mass-incursion tactics test Biden’s promises of a kinder, gentler immigration agenda?” asks Todd Bensman, a Texas-based national security fellow for the Center for Immigration Studies, a nonprofit, independent research organization.
He cites an event on the evening of Dec. 29 in which some 400 hopefuls “forced their way past Mexican immigration” in an attempt to enter El Paso, Texas. --->READ MORE HERE
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Open Borders Lobby Urges Joe Biden to Quickly Grant Executive Amnesty:
The open borders lobby is urging Democrat Joe Biden to quickly grant an amnesty for illegal aliens living in the United States, potentially through a little-known federal program that keeps foreign nationals from being deported.
In interviews with NPR, activists with a number of open borders and mass migration organizations say they are asking Biden and his transition team to consider signing executive orders that will provide amnesty to illegal aliens, return deported illegal aliens to the U.S., and free border crossers into the interior of the U.S. so long as they claim asylum.
NPR reported:
Recognizing that the political divide in Congress makes a major overhaul of the immigration system unlikely, the groups are pushing for Biden to use the power of his pen to take steps sooner rather than later. [Emphasis added]

Their requests include returning undocumented immigrants wrongfully deported under Trump, stopping detention of asylum-seekers, expanding the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and using other executive powers, like granting temporary protected status, to protect more undocumented immigrants. [Emphasis added]
And what do you think the chances are of a Biden Presidency completing this?

AP Photo/Gregory Bull
DHS reaches 450 miles of border wall, says it's got money for 350 more miles
Homeland Security took a victory lap Tuesday after announcing it had surpassed 450 miles of border wall erected on President Trump’s watch, calling it a “historic” achievement.
The exact 450th mile was completed on New Year’s Eve, just in time to meet Mr. Trump’s end-of-year goal, and they’ve continued to build beyond that, officials said.
“When our critics said it couldn’t be done — we prevailed. When our critics threw up every roadblock — we prevailed,” said acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf.
Congress just approved another $1.375 billion in the fiscal year 2021 spending bill for border infrastructure, and combined with what Capitol Hill had previously earmarked and what Mr. Trump siphoned from Pentagon accounts, it totals more than $16 billion. ---> READ MORE HERE
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