Saturday, January 9, 2021

If Americans Oppose Socialism, Why Do they Keep Voting for It?

Some conservatives take comfort in a December Rasmussen/Heartland Institute poll which purports to show that Americans favor the free market over socialism by 75% to 11%.
But if Americans overwhelmingly support capitalism, why do they keep voting for socialism?
Do they even know what socialism is? Socialism isn’t tired-looking men in overalls, going to work in state-run factories.
Direct ownership of what’s traditionally called the means of production and distribution is the old socialism – the socialism of Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea. Today’s socialists prefer indirect control.
As the great Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises explained, this is a type of socialism which “nominally and seemingly preserves private ownership of the means of production and keeps the appearance of ordinary markets, prices, wages and interest rates,” while (through subsidies and mandates) it exercises increasing control over what still appears to be a free market. This is the socialism of our elites, including the Democratic leadership.
During the campaign, Biden asked, “Do I look like a radical socialist” (“Come on, Man!”). No, and neither does Vogue model Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in her $14,000 designer outfits – and she’s an avowed socialist.
Biden also tells us that he “beat the socialists” in the primaries. Then he turned around and made a deal with them to get their support in November, by embracing a large part their agenda, including the Green New Deal, canceling college debt and expanding Medicare.
Okay, Joe isn’t committed to the Marxist class struggle -- because he isn’t committed to much of anything.
Biden spent almost his entire adult life as a faithful foot soldier of the Democratic establishment. When the Democrats were the party of big government and the welfare state, a la LBJ and Jimmy Carter, that’s what Biden was. Now that his party has shifted ever leftward, the Vice President follows dutifully in its wake.
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