Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Ted Cruz Agrees to Present Oral Arguments in PA Mail-in Voting Case if SCOTUS Hears Appeal; Dershowitz Says Supreme Court May Rule to Let Legislators Pick Alternate Electors, and other 2020 election stories

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Ted Cruz agrees to present oral arguments in Pennsylvania mail-in voting case if Supreme Court hears appeal:
Sen. Ted Cruz said on Monday he would make oral arguments to the Supreme Court should they agree to hear an appeal from Pennsylvania Republicans suing to flip their state's election results from Joe Biden to President Trump.
"Because of the importance of the legal issues presented, I have publicly urged the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the case brought by Congressman Mike Kelly, congressional candidate Sean Parnell, and state representative candidate Wanda Logan challenging the constitutionality of the presidential election results in Pennsylvania," Cruz said in a statement to the Washington Examiner, which was first reported by Fox News.
"Petitioners’ legal team has asked me whether I would be willing to argue the case before the Supreme Court, if the Court grants certiorari. I have agreed, and told them that, if the Court takes the appeal, I will stand ready to present the oral argument," the Texas Republican continued in the statement. "As I said last week, the bitter division and acrimony we see across the Nation needs resolution. I believe the Supreme Court has a responsibility to the American People to ensure, within its powers, that we are following the law and following the Constitution." --->READ MORE HERE
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Dershowitz Says Supreme Court May Rule to Let Legislators Pick Alternate Electors:
Attorney Alan Dershowitz said on Dec. 6 that he believes the Supreme Court may get involved in adjudicating on whether state legislators have the power to pick alternate Electoral College electors who would vote for President Donald Trump if legislatures determine there was voter fraud, even after an initial slate of electors has cast its votes on Dec. 14.
Dershowitz made the remarks in an interview with Fox News in which he was first asked about claims made by Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, who said there was a pattern of fraudulent activity that swayed the election in favor of Democrat Joe Biden
“There certainly is probable cause for investigating and looking further. Giuliani has made very serious accusations. The question is which institution is designed constitutionally to look into it? Is it the state legislature? Is it the courts? Is the clock running in such a way that there won’t be time to look into this?” Dershowitz said.
His reference to time running out presumably refers to the Dec. 14 Electoral College meeting, at which electors cast their presidential votes. --->READ MORE HERE
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