Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Pres Trump signs ‘America First’ COVID-19 vaccine executive order; HHS Chief Debunks Biden’s Baseless Claims About Vaccine Distribution As ‘Nonsense’, and other C-Virus Updates

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Trump signs ‘America First’ COVID-19 vaccine executive order:
President Trump on Tuesday signed an executive order that he said gives Americans “first priority” for coronavirus vaccines produced in the US — and said he’d invoke the Defense Production Act if more were needed.
During a White House event, Trump also said the Food and Drug Administration was “just days away” from approving the first vaccine, developed by Pfizer and BioNTech, and that the government would “immediately begin mass distribution.”
The country’s states have “designated over 50,000 sites that will receive the vaccine,” which will be provided “free of cost” to Americans, he said.
Trump said his executive order would “ensure that American citizens have first priority to receive American vaccines and then we’re going to be working with other countries all over the world.” --->READ MORE HERE
HHS Chief Debunks Biden’s Baseless Claims About Vaccine Distribution As ‘Nonsense’:
Without evidence, the former vice president claimed Friday that the Trump administration’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan is concerning, expensive, and lacks strategy.
“There is no detailed plan that we’ve seen, anyway, as to how you get the vaccine out of a container into an injection syringe into somebody’s arm,” Biden said.
His unsubstantiated claims went untouched and unchecked by the media, who pride themselves on constantly holding the current president accountable for lies.
Instead, it was Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar who issued his own kind of fact-check on Biden’s comments on “Fox News Sunday.”
“With all respect, that’s just nonsense,” he said, referring to Biden’s lack of knowledge of the vaccine process. --->READ MORE HERE
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