Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Supreme Court Accepts Texas Election Lawsuit; Trump Fans Embrace Texas Suit, and related 2020 Election stories

Supreme Court Accepts Texas Election Lawsuit
As I wrote before, the Dem election strategy was to go ahead, break the law, and bet that the courts wouldn't stop them.
It was a good bet. Democrat judges wouldn't interfere, the Roberts type would be reluctant to second guess any decisions made under the pretext of the pandemic, and conservative judges are innately conservative, which means they're reluctant to have the court intervene in the functioning of government. When courts want to take up a political issue, as they frequently did during the Trump administration, they use assorted process pretexts, and when they don't, there's always standing and relief.
This is where the Texas lawsuit comes in. Lawsuits representing the Trump campaign could be shoved back into state courts and left to die there and lawsuits representing a handful of individuals could be denied standing or relief in a national election. But the lawsuit by Texas is much bigger than that. Federal courts can't tell Texas to file their lawsuit in state courts, it's automatically a federal matter, and being able to represent 29 million people is pretty formidable. --->READ MORE HERE
Jay Janner, MBR/AP
Trump Fans Embrace Texas Suit as Last Hope to Flip Election:
With a key deadline set to pass in his desperate bid to reverse the election, President Donald Trump and his supporters rallied around a lawsuit Texas filed in the U.S. Supreme Court that urges the justices to overturn the vote in four states that went for Joe Biden.
Trump tweeted praise for the “COURAGE & BRILLIANCE!” of Texas, hours after state Attorney General Ken Paxton said on Tuesday that he was suing Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and asking that they be blocked from participating in the Electoral College. In a hearing in an election challenge in Arizona later on Tuesday, a lawyer working with former Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell urged the judge to rule quickly so the case could be joined to Paxton’s before the Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court on Tuesday evening gave Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania until Dec. 10 at 3 p.m. to file responses to the Texas effort. --->READ MORE HERE
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