Thursday, December 10, 2020

Lockdowns Have Caused More Children To Drop Out Of School Than Americans Have Died Of COVID; COVID-19's Latest Side Effect Hits Below the Belt, and other C-Virus Updates

Lockdowns Have Caused More Children To Drop Out Of School Than Americans Have Died Of COVID:
The past nine months have seen more than a quarter-million Americans die from the coronavirus. Each and every death represents a tragedy — a life cut short, an empty place at the family table this holiday season, children mourning their parents, even parents mourning their children.
But a separate and ongoing tragedy has also struck at countless more than another quarter-million Americans: Children who have disappeared from school following last spring’s COVID-19 closures. A survey conducted by CBS’s “60 Minutes” found that among 78 of the largest school districts in the country, at least 240,000 students remained unaccounted for when school resumed, in many cases virtually, this fall. This number doesn’t, of course, include the many other children schools have lost in other districts.
Each and every one of those cases also represents a tragedy. Indeed, it’s a slow-moving crisis. Every child who doesn’t return to school to complete his or her education represents dreams unfulfilled. It means diminished career prospects, lower earnings, an increased risk of trouble with law enforcement or substance misuse, more expense to society through the criminal justice and welfare systems, and on, and on, and on. --->READ MORE HERE
COVID-19 could cause erectile dysfunction, doc says:
As if 2020 hasn’t been deflating enough, one medical expert now claims COVID-19 could cause erectile dysfunction.
With the pandemic crushing spirits and finances all across the world for months, one doctor told NBC Network NBCLX the virus has also left some male patients short on their ability in the bedroom. --->READ MORE HERE
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