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Republicans Must Not Cave on Blue-State Bailouts; McConnell Digs In On Demand To Drop State 'bailouts' From Coronavirus Bill, Accuses Democrats of Blocking Agreement

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Republicans Must Not Cave on Blue-State Bailouts:
Congress shouldn’t reward Democrats’ fiscal mismanagement with more taxpayer money.
Democrats have spent the last few months demanding bailouts for states and local governments. They claim that if you oppose spending hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to bail out states such as New York, Illinois, and California, then you support laying off teachers, health-care workers, and first responders.
Guess what? They’re lying. And unfortunately, too many of my Republican colleagues have bought their lie and are getting ready to cave.
What Democrats really want is for Congress to just send money to liberal politicians who have already shown they can’t be trusted with it. If these politicians have budget shortfalls, it’s because they did not prioritize their struggling constituents in the first place, and instead wasted money on other things. New York and California are of course free to burn tax dollars for fun. But they shouldn’t expect Florida and the rest of the country to pay when the bill comes due.
I’ve argued all along that states have the ability to moderate the economic harm caused by the COVID pandemic through reasoned, balanced measures that protect citizens without destroying their economies. States also have taxing authority and the ability to borrow money if their fiscal situations get too dire. --->READ MORE HERE
McConnell digs in on demand to drop state 'bailouts' from coronavirus bill, accuses Democrats of blocking agreement
McConnell digs in on demand to drop state 'bailouts' from coronavirus bill, accuses Democrats of blocking agreement
n comments on the Senate floor Friday morning, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell dug in on Republicans' demand that Democrats drop funding for state and local governments from any coronavirus relief bill.
The comments are the latest sign that talks of an economic stimulus – which congressional leaders had previously expressed optimism about – may be falling apart.
"Struggling families, exhausted health workers and anxious small-business owners are waiting, waiting for the Senate to do what I have tried to accomplish over and over for months: pass a significant, targeted COVID relief bill," McConnell said.
He said that Republicans have offered to set aside their demand that a relief bill include liability protections for businesses against lawsuits regarding the coronavirus in exchange for Democrats dropping their demand for "bailouts" of state governments. --->READ MORE HERE
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