Wednesday, December 16, 2020

China Weaponized COVID-19 Against America; Among Nursing Homes Hit by Covid-19, Veterans Homes Struggled the Most, and other C-Virus Updates

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China weaponized COVID-19 against America:
Both sides of the political spectrum missed the Chinese Communist Party's contribution to disease's spread
The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has caused the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression, resulted in massive political disruptions in the United States, and it has killed almost 300,000 Americans (and counting).
American society today has been fundamentally changed by the pandemic. Freedoms have been lost. Fear now governs the land. Uncertainty about the future dominates the public discourse.
And all of this was caused by the Chinese Communist Party.
Yet, few American leaders, experts or media figures will clearly state this fact. The “mainstream” media, possessed of “Never Trump” mania, has gleefully reported every single death from the illness, each waking minute since the crisis began earlier this year. Rarely — purposely — is context ever given to the audience about these figures, though.
Meanwhile, the right-wing, “alternative” media in the United States, has vacillated from attacking the lockdown and social distancing measures to completely ignoring the disease. Since the summer, for example, these outlets have fixated more on the censorship of conservative activists by social media companies rather than the actual problem: that China covered up a virulent disease and allowed for that illness to spread globally. --->READ MORE HERE
Bob Miller for The Wall Street Journal
Among Nursing Homes Hit by Covid-19, Veterans Homes Struggled the Most:
During the pandemic, one of the worst places to be was in a nursing home. Among nursing homes, one of the worst places to be was a state-run facility for retired servicemen and women.
Of the nation’s 150 such homes, thousands of residents have caught the virus. Hundreds have died. Family and staff members tell of miscommunication and neglect.
At the 150-bed Bill Nichols State Veterans Home, one of Alabama’s largest individual hot spots, 96 residents have tested positive for coronavirus and 46 deaths have been attributed to Covid-19.
In New York, a government-run veterans home had the third deadliest reported outbreak in the state, with 72 confirmed and probable Covid deaths. Massachusetts’ Holyoke Soldiers’ Home was linked to more deaths—at least 76—than any other facility in the state as of late October, leading to criminal charges against two former managers, who both pleaded not guilty.
In New Jersey, the top two nursing homes for Covid deaths were both state-run veterans facilities, including the Menlo Park Veterans Memorial Home, which a Wall Street Journal investigation found is perhaps the deadliest home in the country, with 101 Covid-linked deaths.
At Holyoke Soldiers’ Home and Menlo Park, the deaths represent about a third of each home’s residents. --->READ MORE HERE
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