Wednesday, December 2, 2020

PA Republicans ask US Supreme Court to hear mail-in vote challenge; Trump campaign files Wisconsin lawsuit seeking to toss some 221K ballots, and LOTS MORE HERE

Pennsylvania Republicans to ask US Supreme Court to hear mail-in vote challenge:
A group of Republicans in Pennsylvania has appealed to the United States Supreme Court over the state’s mail-in voting law, according to an attorney with the case.
The lawsuit in question is spearheaded by GOP Rep. Mike Kelly and President Trump’s ally Sean Parnell, who lost a close House race in Pennsylvania this year. The litigation sought to halt election certification and toss out mail-in ballots under the contention that a 2019 act passed by the state Legislature was unconstitutional.
The state Supreme Court dismissed the lawsuit on Saturday, overturning a ruling by Pennsylvania Commonwealth Judge Patricia McCullough that state officials stop any additional steps toward certifying the election results. The court ruled that the plaintiffs failed to “file their facial constitutional challenge in a timely manner.”
Greg Teufel, an attorney for the plaintiffs, told the Washington Examiner on Tuesday that his clients couldn’t have filed earlier because they lacked the legal standing to do so.
“In order to bring a claim, a party has to show that you have an actual injury or harm,” Teufel said. He said that they are hoping the federal Supreme Court will take up the matter.
He said the state Supreme Court “slammed the courthouse door shut before the election” and has now “slammed the courthouse door shut after the election.” --->READ MORE HERE
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Trump campaign files Wisconsin lawsuit seeking to toss some 221K ballots:
In another post-election lawsuit, the Trump campaign is asking the Wisconsin Supreme Court to throw out more than 221,000 ballots in a bid to move the state’s 10 Electoral College votes into President Trump’s ledger.
The 28-page document was filed with the Supreme Court on Tuesday by Trump campaign lawyer Jim Troupis and outlined four main categories of ballots that are being contested. While the Trump campaign has had little success in its post-election lawsuits in other states, Troupis told the Washington Examiner in an interview that the case in Wisconsin was solid.
“I’m certainly confident it’s not going to be thrown out,” Troupis said. “This action addresses explicit legal violations.”
On Saturday, Wisconsin completed a recount initiated by the Trump campaign in two counties, Dane (home to Madison) and Milwaukee, which are both Democratic strongholds. The recount resulted in a net gain of 87 votes for President-elect Joe Biden, although the Tuesday lawsuit hinges on the fact that the campaign made several challenges during the recount that sought to have certain ballots tossed. Those challenges were denied by the Democratic-majority board of canvassers in each county and are the same ballots that the litigation now seeks to invalidate.
Troupis, a former circuit court judge, said that during the recount, the campaign was able to get the exact names of the people who the campaign claims voted illegally under state law. The campaign said that thousands of volunteers participated in the recount effort. --->READ MORE HERE
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