Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Iran’s Rouhani Has No Doubt Joe Biden Will ‘Bow’ to Tehran, Lift Sanctions; Haley: Biden’s Iran Policies Could Be ‘Devastating’, and related stories

AP/Ebrahim Noroozi
Iran’s Rouhani Has No Doubt Joe Biden Will ‘Bow’ to Tehran, Lift Sanctions:
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Thursday he has “no doubt” a Joe Biden administration will rejoin the 2015 nuclear deal negotiated by Barack Obama and remove sanctions on Iran’s economy while embracing appeasement across the Middle East.
His assertion followed Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei who also backed the swift resumption of Iran’s commitments under the deal if it would finish U.S. sanctions, as Breitbart News reported.
“I have no doubt that the heroic national resistance of Iran is going to compel the future U.S. government to bow … and the sanctions will be broken,” Rouhani said Thursday.
The Washington Post reports the remarks were made at the inauguration of several infrastructure projects, where he spoke via videoconference. --->READ MORE HERE
Haley: Biden’s Iran Policies Could Be ‘Devastating’:
Former US ambassador to the UN talks Iran, Abraham Accords and much more during Israel’s DiploTech Global Summit
The United States’ former ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, told a high-level gathering that it would be “devastating and a massive step backwards” for President-elect Joe Biden to re-enter the Iran nuclear deal.
Haley made her remarks at the first DiploTech Global Summit, a virtual conference headlined by Haley and Israel’s former UN ambassador Danny Danon, on Wednesday in Tel Aviv, featuring heads of states, diplomats and tech sector leaders who discussed the challenges and opportunities facing the post-pandemic world.
During the convention, innovators and entrepreneurs from leading Israeli tech companies presented their latest envelope-pushing capabilities, while policy makers laid out their views as to how the world can emerge from the global coronavirus crisis.
While much of the evening was dedicated to the issues of coronavirus and innovation, it was Haley’s candid remarks regarding a nuclear Iran and the latest US elections that drew most of the attention. --->READ MORE HERE
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