Tuesday, December 22, 2020

How the Woke Stole Christmas; Life-Size Cardboard Cutouts of Relatives are Here to Save Christmas, and other C-Virus Updates

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How the Woke Stole Christmas:
It will be a puritan sort of Christmas for most of us this year: confined to our homes, maintaining a distance from each other, avoiding public revelry on penalty of a hefty fine. If you do go to church, remember—no singing, by order of the elders. California Gov. Gavin Newsom is not the first flamboyantly coiffed authoritarian governor-protector in history to ban the singing of Christmas carols. But at least Oliver Cromwell never went near a French laundry, as far as we know.
“The feast of Christ’s nativity is spent in reveling, dicing, carding, masking, and in all licentious liberty . . . by mad mirth, by long eating, by hard drinking, by lewd gaming, by rude reveling!” Cotton Mather declaimed from his pulpit in 1712, denouncing the traditional Christmas celebrations of the time.
I can’t speak to the lewd gaming anyone may have been planning this year, but other than the “masking”—which, in an odd inversion of the rules of officially approved behavior is now mandatory rather than proscribed—Mather’s early 18th-century injunctions are pretty much in place in the 21st. That’s progressivism for you.
The prospect of a good old Cotton Mather Yuletide is a fitting end to a year in which the puritanical tendency has again entrenched itself as the dominant force in American politics.
The modern left’s mission to extirpate sin from society is the product of a secular religion of the most austere sort.
This was the year that the long process of cultural indoctrination by the left wing’s establishment merged in a perfect synergy with its authoritarian instinct to order people about. The Covid-19 pandemic and the panic it fed brought forth a petty despotism longed for by Democratic commissars everywhere. The Black Lives Matter hysteria induced an outpouring of self-lacerating racial-justice pietism from a media and corporate elite only too eager to moralize about the innate sinfulness of Americans. --->READ MORE HERE
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Life-size cardboard cutouts of relatives are here to save Christmas:
Lockdown dashed any hopes that Dan and Denise Smith might spend the festive season with their loved ones — but it didn’t nix the grandparents’ plan to “join” them around the holiday tree in the safest way possible.
The pair from Dallas — or at least the couple’s life-size cardboard cutout — is now enjoying a tipple at the Panama City, Fla., home of Dan’s son Jason, Jason’s wife Christy and their teens Kate and Maggie. The likenesses even include dog Billa, owned by the senior Smiths.
“It started out as a gag, but it’s actually really touching that the children have us ‘present’ at Christmas when we can’t be there in person during COVID-19,” said Denise, 59. She came up with the idea on Thanksgiving, a traditionally larger family gathering she shared this year just with Dan.
As the pandemic continues to force people to celebrate the holidays apart, a growing number of Americans are exchanging similar cardboard “stand-ins” in an effort to spread joy and ease the heartache. --->READ MORE HERE
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