Monday, December 7, 2020

Biden’s Immigration Radicalism; Biden’s Immigration Plans Will Inundate Us with National Security Risks, and related stories

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Biden’s Immigration Radicalism:
One of Joe Biden’s first priorities as president will risk stoking a new migrant crisis.
After much trial and error, President Donald Trump came up with cooperative arrangements with Mexico and Central American countries that drastically diminished the pressure from asylum-seekers on our southern border.
Biden has pledged to overturn these policies, as well as undermine enforcement and boost immigration numbers across the board. The lie about Biden is that he’s “a moderate,” when the truth is that he’s always been smack in the middle of his party, which is increasingly radical on immigration policy.
The new Democratic Party bristles with contempt for borders and the agents who police them, and its attitude will color everything Biden does.
The migrant crisis that had Trump adopt, then quickly abandon, a zero-tolerance policy that separated children from their parents wasn’t of Trump’s making. President Barack Obama struggled with the same surge at the border, and many of the photos of children in cages that were used to condemn Trump date from the Obama years. --->READ MORE HERE
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Biden’s Immigration Plans Will Inundate Us with National Security Risks:
Every good Democrat knows that America is a pesthole of systemic racism and institutionalized discrimination against people of color, who must constantly be on guard against violent Trump-supporting white supremacists who roam the streets looking for minorities to brutalize. Just ask Jussie Smollett. But all well-informed Democrats also know that the United States is an inexhaustible cornucopia of peace and prosperity that only racists would not want to share with the entire world. One of the most repugnant manifestations of America’s systemic racism during the Trump era has been the restrictions placed on some people’s ability to enter the country and experience some of that systemic racism for themselves. But His Fraudulency Joe Biden has promised to fix all that, and House Democrats are working now to make sure he does it quickly and efficiently.
The Washington Examiner reported Saturday that “House Democrats have begun drafting an immigration reform plan which President-elect Joe Biden has signaled he will sign. Rep. Linda Sanchez has started the process of drafting an immigration reform bill that Democrats are expected to submit as soon as Biden enters the White House.”
This is a top priority for the likely incoming administration, as “multiple Hispanic Caucus members” have stated that a “large number of Democrats would be severely disappointed” if Biden were to undo Trump’s immigration restrictions, and undo them quickly. Biden, according to the Examiner, is ready to “grant citizenship to the tens of millions of illegal immigrants currently in the U.S.,” as well as implement “a 100-day moratorium on deportations.” --->READ MORE HERE
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