Friday, December 11, 2020

106 House GOP Support Trump-Backed Texas SCOTUS Lawsuit To Overturn Election; AZ GOP Case Over Voting Software Heads to the Supreme Court, and related 2020 Election stories

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106 House Republicans Support Trump-Backed Lawsuit To Overturn Election:
A group of 106 Republican House members, more than half of the GOP caucus in the chamber, signed an amicus brief filed Thursday in support of a lawsuit backed by President Trump that seeks to overturn the election.
The brief is led by Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.), who, in an email obtained by Forbes, told his colleagues Trump personally asked him to recruit supporters for the lawsuit, which aims to invalidate electors in four states Joe Biden won: Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia.
The lawsuit was brought by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and is supported by Republican attorney generals in 17 other states – 6 of whom are trying to directly intervene and 10 of whom met with Trump for a private lunch at the White House on Thursday.
The suit claims the states’ electors should be invalidated because expanded mail-in voting due to the Covid-19 outbreak resulted in widespread fraud and irregularities – an allegation that has already dismissed by courts numerous times. --->READ MORE HERE
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Arizona GOP case over voting software heads to the Supreme Court:
Arizona Republican Party Chair Kelli Ward announced Thursday her federal case will be appealed all the way to the Supreme Court, challenging election irregularities and voting problems with the software used in the November election.
A federal judge in Arizona dismissed the lawsuit Wednesday which was launched by Sidney Powell, a pro-Trump attorney. Ms. Ward is a named plaintiff in the case.
Ms. Powell had similar lawsuits in Georgia and Michigan, but both were dismissed Monday. She has since taken the Georgia case to the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.
The lawsuits claim Dominion Voting Systems’ machines connected to the internet, which violates election laws. Dominion is not listed as a defendant, as the suits challenge state officials, but the company has denied any wrongdoing in the 2020 election. --->READ MORE HERE
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