Sunday, November 1, 2020

What Problems Did Joe Biden Solve During His Decades In Government? Biden Hasn't Done Anything To Help Your Family in 47 Years, Year 48 Will Be No Different, and related stories

What problems did Joe Biden solve during his decades in government?
The “60 Minutes” interviews of the presidential and vice-presidential candidates last Sunday were more revealing for questions not asked and for sidestepping than for what inquiring minds really want to know prior to Election Day.
First, there was the presumption that government has all the answers to contemporary problems. There was nothing said about liberty, personal responsibility, or accountability for one’s actions. The presumption among Democrats is that no one can do anything without government and if they succeed independent of Washington they will be penalized with higher taxes and more regulations to discourage initiative and risk-taking.
Systemic racism? Mr. Biden’s response was to promise more spending to, writes Forbes, “make public colleges and universities, as well as private Historically Black Colleges and Universities, tuition-free for students coming from families making less than $125,000 annually.” But Mr. Biden opposes “federal funding going to for-profit charter schools” and “vouchers for private school tuition,” which might allow children trapped in failing public schools to have the intellectual foundation necessary to achieve in college.
Second, Mr. Biden said free college would be paid for by taxing corporations. Corporations employ people. If they are taxed more, they are more likely to lay off workers, or not hire people at all.--->READ MORE HERE
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Mike Huckabee: Biden Hasn't Done Anything To Help Your Family in 47 Years, Year 48 Will Be No Different:
On Tuesday, voters will determine who will be president and who will control the Senate and the House of Representatives.
I think all of us will be glad for this long brutal campaign season to be over, but the consequences of this election are not minor. Each party has staked out diametrically opposed positions on pretty much everything. This is not like any election ever.
President Trump is admittedly abrasive, combative, at times vain and vulgar.
He became president having never held or even run for any political office. He has been disruptive to the political establishment and the genteel ways of Washington. He acted without regard to whose feelings he stepped on. He’s been like the doctor whose bedside manner was gruff, impatient and even rude, but it’s hard to objectively deny the positive results. --->READ MORE HERE
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