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Hell, Yes: The case for Trump: He has many achievements, and a win by Biden would do vast harm; Promises made by Trump are promises kept, and related stories

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Hell, Yes:
The case for Trump: Antics aside, he has many achievements, and a win by Biden would do vast harm.
It is a squeeze to reduce the number of logically indisputable reasons why President Trump should be reelected to a single column, but I will attempt it. Reelection is the only way of restoring the conditions that Trump created that eliminated unemployment prior to the onset of the COVID-19 crisis. This, coupled to his near-elimination of illegal immigration (against fierce Democratic resistance), generated greater percentage income growth amongst the lowest 20 percent of income-earners than among the top 10 percent — a noteworthy start on addressing the universal income-disparity problem. Only a Trump victory will ensure retention of the present relatively low personal and corporate income-tax rates and the avoidance of insane, highly damaging, and counterproductive shutdowns in cowardly terror of the coronavirus, which only mortally threatens 1 percent of the population, who can be isolated and protected.
Only a Trump victory will prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear military power within five years and North Korea from resuming its missile tests over Japan and South Korea. There are no grounds for confidence that the Democrats would maintain a firm but not belligerent economic and strategic containment strategy towards China, coordinated with India, Japan, South Korea, and other key allies in south and east Asia and Australasia. We know that if Trump is defeated, the country will be subjected not just to the self-flagellating provisions of the Paris Climate Accord, but also to the $100 trillion Green Terror assault on the petroleum industry and a bone-cracking rise in electricity costs after closing gas-fired electricity plants. The Democrats remain committed to giving the Palestine Liberation Organization and Hamas a veto over any resolution of their conflict with Israel, and since they do not accept the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state, that will ensure continued stagnation, attrition, and terrorism, financed by a newly enabled Iran. The Trump strategy is steadily lining up the support of the Arab states in favor of a comprehensive solution that will give Palestine a modest state and a great economic incentive for peace, and security at least for Israel. --->READ MORE HERE
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Promises made by Trump are promises kept, despite attempts to thwart him:
I was conflicted whether or not to devote this column to a closing argument for President Trump. His success on the issues alone should be enough for the majority of Americans to excitedly vote him in for a second term.
But the times we live in are not normal; they are replete with a Democratic propaganda machine serviced by a majority of American media, fraud and a deliberate attempt to cause chaos with mass mail-in voting. It is an establishment machine working 24/7 trying to convince people not to trust their lying eyes.
For Mr. Trump, his first term had to deal with the unfolding reality that the establishment itself tried to remove him from office using a fake Russia dossier hoax, facilitated by a compromised legacy media. They knew his success in the White House would reveal the establishment grifters for the frauds that they have been for decades.
Despite all the attempts to thwart him, Mr. Trump did not become distracted or consumed with a hate that would keep him from focusing on his work. Instead, he continued to think of America first. He won in 2016 because of the issues. Immigration reform, law and order, the economy, jobs, and returning America to its natural station of strength and preeminence on the world stage.
In other words, Mr. Trump promised to get our great nation back on its feet, creating futures for all of our families that were in our hands, not crushed by the paws of big government. And he succeeded. --->READ MORE HERE
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