Sunday, November 15, 2020

WH Expects to Distribute 20 Million Coronavirus Vaccine Doses by December; Joe Biden’s Coronavirus Advisers are Worse than the Disease, and other C-Virus Updates

Carlos Barria/Reuters
White House Expects to Distribute 20 Million Coronavirus Vaccine Doses by December:
The White House is projecting that a vaccine for the coronavirus will be distributed to 20 million people by the end of December.
Two vaccines that are finishing up their phase three trials are expected to file with the FDA for emergency use authorization within the next few weeks, Dr. Moncef Slaoui, who is managing Operation Warp Speed’s coronavirus vaccine development efforts, said during a press conference Friday at the White House.
“Hopefully if approved, they could be used for immunization in the U.S. population in the month of December,” he said.
“We plan to have enough vaccine doses available for use in the U.S. population to immunize about 20 million individuals in the month of December and another 25 to 30 million per month on an ongoing basis from thereon,” Slaoui continued. --->READ MORE HERE
Joe Biden’s coronavirus advisers are worse than the disease:
Joe Biden’s COVID-19 Advisory Board looks pretty . . . sick.
One of his top guys wants a six-week national lockdown, with mass borrowing to pay all the sidelined workers. Another wanted the country to go on lockdown for 18 months — and doesn’t believe life is worth living after age 75.
Biden adviser Michael Osterholm said Wednesday that locking down America for four to six weeks is needed while we wait for a vaccine to begin rolling out. He’s an epidemiologist by trade but seems to consider himself an economic expert, too.
Savings rates have shot up in the pandemic, he notes — somehow making it just fine for the feds to borrow yet more to put taxpayers on the hook for the economic catastrophe. --->READ MORE HERE
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