Monday, November 16, 2020

This Is a Time for Fighting, Not for “Healing"; Demand Election Integrity, Do Not Acquiesce to Democrats' Leftist Radical Agenda

This Is a Time for Fighting, Not for “Healing":
A dire moment to protect our Constitution.
As part of his pretense that the presidential race is over, Joe Biden indulged the banal “time for healing” and “we’re all Americans” rhetoric. But we shouldn’t be fooled. Even before Barack Obama’s dishonest “no red state, no blue state” campaign lies were followed by a hyper-partisan, divisive administration, we’ve known that the increasingly left-leaning Democrats will endorse “any means necessary” tactics to work their political will.
And we also know that too many Republicans will fall for the Dems’ rhetorical bait-and-switch. We shouldn’t let them get away with it this time, for we’re facing a hard fight ahead to minimize the damage that the “woke” Democrats will try to inflict on our Constitution. It’s time to fight, not “heal.”
First, anyone paying attention for the last few decades knows that every time a Democrat starts talking about “reaching across the aisle” and “bipartisanship,” he’s getting ready to pick your pocket. Such bromides are really euphemisms for serving their policy preferences rather than conservative ones, after which they’ll pat you on the head as a “good Republican” or a “maverick” for betraying your conservative principles.
Meanwhile, few Democrats reciprocate. They never cringe preemptively before Republicans lest the Donks call them bad names. Outright racialist behavior such as consorting with a race-hack like Al Sharpton or an avowed anti-Semite like Louis Farrakhan is indulged, and any complaint contemptuously dismissed by Democrat Senators and House Representatives, even as they endlessly chant “racist” or “white supremacist” at Republicans. --->READ MORE from Bruce Thornton HERE
Illustration: Alexander Hunter/Washington times
Demand election integrity, do not acquiesce to Democrats' leftist radical agenda:
Don’t you just love the way Democrats demand that Republicans acquiesce to their coronation of Joe Biden? Four years ago, the day after the president won the election, Democratic Rep. Al Green introduced a resolution to impeach the president — almost three months before Donald J. Trump was sworn in as the 45th president.
And there were no contested states and no questions of fraudulent voting. Of course, that did not stop Democrats from wearing T-shirts saying, “He’s not my President.”
Democrats openly wept on television. Not just emotional citizens, but the news anchors. Usually their tears were accompanied with profane tirades. They were determined to undermine the legitimacy of President Trump.
The left formed “The Resistance” movement and with the media attacked anyone who openly supported the president. They disrupted congressional townhalls throughout the country. Not only were they unruly, they physically threatened Republican members of Congress and their supporters. --->READ MORE from Andy Biggs HERE

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