Thursday, November 5, 2020

Recent Immigration Slowdown May Have Helped Reverse Decades-Long Decline in Labor-Force Participation; Pres Trump Cuts 2021 Refugee Inflow Below 15,000, and other related news

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Recent Immigration Slowdown May Have Helped Reverse Decades-Long Decline in Labor-Force Participation:
On the homepage today, I discussed the recent slowdown in immigration (legal and illegal) and mentioned that it probably helped American workers. There is no question that the number of new arrivals fell and growth slowed in the immigrant population after 2016. This falloff has been accompanied by a significant improvement in labor-force participation among native-born Americans — particularly among the less-educated. To be sure, many factors impact labor-force participation, which is the share of working-age people holding a job or looking for one. But it is clear that in last few years, the share of Americans in the labor force has improved, after declining steadily for decades.
Labor-force participation is a commonly used measure of labor-market attachment because, unlike unemployment, it does not fluctuate as much with the business cycle. This is because those who lose their jobs, but continue to look for work, remain in the labor force. A decline in labor-force participation is therefore troubling because it means more working-age people are not even seeking work. --->READ MORE HERE
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Donald Trump Cuts 2021 Refugee Inflow Below 15,000:
President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed and transmitted his decision to trim the 2021 inflow of refugees to under 15,000
The move continues Trump’s pressure on U.S. companies to hire Americans at higher wages and invest in labor-saving machines, such as high-tech slaughterhouses.
But the labor supply decision was greeted with outrage by the elite left groups, which are paid to distribute refugees to low wage employers round the country.
“In just four years, this Administration has cut annual refugee admissions from 110,000 to a historic low of 15,000. At a time of unprecedented global need, today’s decision is a complete abdication of our humanitarian duty and does a great disservice to our national interests,” said a statement from Krish O’Mara Vignarajah, the chief of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service. --->READ MORE HERE
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