Thursday, November 5, 2020

New Data Shows A V-Shaped Pandemic Recovery Underway That Biden’s Plans Would End; The Science Is Not Settled on COVID-19 Guidelines, and other C-Virus Updates

New Data Shows A V-Shaped Pandemic Recovery Underway That Biden’s Plans Would End:
The third-quarter GDP increase clawed back two-thirds of the combined first- and second-quarter contractions—in just one quarter. If elected, Joe Biden’s policies would reverse this recovery.
On Thursday, the government announced that the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP) grew by an all-time record 7.4 percent (annualized to 33.1 percent) during the third quarter. This remarkable news follows pandemic-driven annualized declines of 5.8 percent and 31.4 percent during the first and second quarters, respectively.
Predictably, the establishment press, continuing its documented behavior of rigging coverage against President Donald Trump and half the country, downplayed, ignored, and even bitterly ridiculed the news: --->READ MORE HERE
Photo: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images
The Science Is Not Settled on COVID-19 Guidelines:
Dr. David Nabarro, a special envoy of the World Health Organization on the coronavirus pandemic, recently warned that lockdowns should “not be used [as] a primary means of control of [COVID-19]. The only time [they are] justified is to buy you time to reorganize, regroup, and rebalance your resources.”
State officials, such as those in California and New York, continue to impose oppressive lockdowns and seem to show little concern for the many consequences of these government restrictions.
Instead of imposing draconian restrictions, state officials should pursue a balanced approach—an approach that would protect public health and ensure the lives and livelihoods of all citizens.
Data is accumulating on the consequences of extended lockdowns. Unnecessary suffering and death is occurring from drug overdoses, suicides, and untreated medical conditions. Despair, poverty, and mental health issues are also a tragedy, and they are aggravated by poor pandemic policies. --->READ MORE HERE
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