Monday, November 16, 2020

PA Mail-In Ballot Snafu Is Ripe For The SCOTUS To Intervene; Why Pres Trump Has A Strong SCOTUS Case To Contest Pennsylvania; Dershowitz Thinks He'll Win

Pennsylvania Mail-In Ballot Snafu Is Ripe For The U.S. Supreme Court To Intervene:
The Supreme Court will likely weigh in on Pennsylvania’s handling of mail-in ballots, and despite the pundits' claims to the contrary, serious constitutional issues are at stake
An exclusive interview establishes the Pennsylvania vote has major constitutional problems. Joe Kantz, the chairman of the Snyder County Commission and the chairman of the Board of Elections for more than 10 years, spoke with me yesterday about the last-minute changes the Pennsylvania secretary for elections and commissions issued. As detailed below, those changes strongly suggest that the electorally rich state the media has called for Joe Biden might have violated the Equal Protection Clause and Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution.
On election morning, as his team began pre-canvass activities, an out-of-state Democratic poll watcher pressured Kantz to provide him identification numbers for voters who had failed to include their ballots in the internal secrecy sleeve required by Pennsylvania law. These so-called naked ballots are invalid under Pennsylvania law.
This gentleman pushed Kantz several times for this information, referencing an email from Jonathan Marks, the deputy secretary for elections and commissions. “He showed me the email, which I had not yet seen,” Kantz told me. Kantz’s election director then checked her email and discovered the 8:38 p.m. Monday email from Marks. --->READ MORE HERE
Why President Trump Has A Strong Supreme Court Case To Contest Pennsylvania:
As widespread claims of voter fraud begin to have their day in court, a closer look at the Trump lawsuit in Pennsylvania reveals that numerous claims of voter fraud aren’t really the core claims of the case.
As arguments about voter fraud have escalated across the country, it’s time to recognize that despite what an unmitigated disaster widespread expansion of absentee balloting has been, concerns about its abuse aren’t the most important argument in the ongoing fight over the legitimacy of this election. Sure, the media and Big Tech’s widespread white-washing and censoring of very real voter fraud concerns are damaging to the social fabric in existential ways, just as ignoring norms (and in some cases laws) requiring transparency destroys public trust and confidence in the outcome.
The Pennsylvania lawsuit isn’t yet proof that election-altering fraud occurred, although it does present compelling evidence that if proved shatters the media narrative on election security. A closer look at the allegations of direct fraud weighed against the likelihood of proving that enough occurred to alter the outcome — on a shortened timeline — reveals a daunting task for the president’s legal team. --->READ MORE HERE
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