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How Will Santa Handle a Covid Christmas?; Kids are Including Face Masks, Pandemic Fears in Their Letters to Santa, and other C-Virus Updates

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How Will Santa Handle a Covid Christmas?
Six-year-old Amy Kidd worried that if Rudolph got Covid-19, it would spread to the other reindeer, and Santa Claus wouldn’t be able to travel from the North Pole to deliver Christmas gifts around the world.
Her own family’s trip from their home in Papamoa Beach, New Zealand, to Ireland had been scrapped; global transit seemed impossible.
Amy’s sister, 8-year-old Zoe, jumped in with plausible words of reassurance. Mrs. Claus made some Christmas-themed masks that were magic, she explained, according to their mother, Emma Power. The masks would protect the reindeer and Mr. Claus from the virus.
For extra cover, the family will leave hand sanitizer next to the cookies and milk for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph.
The fibs people tell about Santa Claus are numerous, including (shh!) that he exists and drops presents off at homes across the globe in a single night.
This year the ruse is getting more elaborate, with parents, siblings and others explaining just how Santa can make his rounds safely during the pandemic, along with his trusted elves and flying reindeer.
Given that Mr. Claus is older and overweight, making him particularly vulnerable were he to catch the virus, kids want to know: Does he need to quarantine before traveling? Is he allowed into people’s homes? Will he be sporting a mask? And just how much hand sanitizer is appropriate to leave out for him? --->READ THE REST HERE
Kids are including face masks, pandemic fears in their letters to Santa:
Jim, from Taiwan, slipped a face mask inside the greeting card he sent to Santa and marked “I (heart) u.” Alina, 5, asked in her Santa letter written with an adult’s help that he please use the front door when he drops in, because the back door is reserved for Grandma and Grandpa to minimize their risk of contamination.
And spilling out her heavy little heart to “Dear Father Christmas,” 10-year-old Lola wrote that she is wishing “that my aunt never has cancer again and that this virus no longer exists.”
“My mother is a care-giver and sometimes I am scared for her,” Lola explained, signing off her handwritten letter with, “Take care of yourself Father Christmas and of the Elves.”
The emotional toll wrought by the pandemic is jumping off pages in the deluge of “Dear Santa” letters now pouring into a post office in southwest France that sorts and responds to his mail from around the world. --->READ MORE HERE
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