Monday, November 2, 2020

An Election Between Love and Hate: Why are President Trump’s rallies packed while Biden’s rallies are deserted?

Why are President Trump’s rallies packed while Biden’s rallies are deserted? Where were all the Democrats who joined in the Black Lives Matter riots, who packed the streets of D.C. for the Women’s March, who are wailing in front of the Supreme Court and burning down Portland?
The Democrats aren’t campaigning for Joe Biden, but against Donald J. Trump.
The Biden-Harris ticket is a placeholder, two candidates picked by Wall Street and Hollywood, by corporate donors looking for the best angle, bringing together a friend of segregationists and the woman who accused him of racism, and then negotiated with the party’s socialist wing to split the difference between the prospective administration’s crony capitalism and socialism.
Nobody’s going to a rally for that.
The 2020 election can be boiled down to love against hate. It pits MAGA against the 1619 Project, those who love this country against those who want to destroy it. At Republican rallies, American flags are waved, at Democrat riots flags, churches, and shops are burned. The active part of the Democrat base won’t show up to a Biden rally because they won’t be allowed to destroy things, and because they’re not animated by the positive, but by the negative.
The Left’s radical change agenda isn’t born out of idealism, but cynicism. To get to the point where it can gather in mobs, topple statues, and tear down the United States, its followers have to believe that this country is fundamentally evil. Critical race theory is so popular because, like the more conventional Marxism before it, it resonates with what the mobs already believe.
Inside all the theories, articles, and plans to remake society is a great emptiness. The members of the mob are moved more by what they oppose than what they support. They can articulate hatred of the police, but not a serious proposal to replace them, they rage against America, but when they erect their CHAZ and CHOP replacements, they boil down into anarchy and violence.
All the plans to build a better world are only sanctimonious pretexts for destroying this one.
Biden isn’t really on the ticket. The destruction of America is the only candidate that the Democrats can put up anymore. When that candidate viscerally embodies the destruction, as only Biden’s boss ever truly did, then the rallies take off and the crowds faint at his word. But when, like Biden, the candidate is a Potemkin village putting up a facade of normalcy for the destroyers, then the crowds stay home, tweet furiously, or knock over a convenience store.
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