Monday, November 2, 2020

50 Things a Biden Presidency Would Mean for America: Worse than the zombie apocalypse?

Below are The Top 50 Reasons Why a Biden Presidency Would Be Worse Than The Zombie Apocalypse:

  1.  Another lockdown – Which will Kevorkian what’s left of the economy.  

  2. Amnesties and other incentives for illegal immigration – Joe promised another amnesty bill in his first 100 days to satisfy the urgent need for more Democrat voters. No border wall, ICE defunded, sanctuary cities subsidized. 

  3. Back to the era of bad trade deals – Give away the store to get it done. Joe understands trade, based on his vast business experience. 

  4. Biden Care – “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” – not. Six-month delays for routine tests. Why should Canadians have all the fun? 

  5. Black Lives Matter -- in charge of combating white privilege and institutional racism with quotas, reparations and looting. 

  6. Biden’s Cabinet -- Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, Secretary of State Illhan Omar, Secretary of Commerce Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Secretary of the Treasury Bernie Sanders. 

  7. Celebrity gloating – Hollywood would spend the next 12 months crowing about its victory over flyover country. Amy Schumer will gain another 50 lbs. celebrating with cake and ice cream. 

  8. Chinese asset in the White House – Biden consistently opposed tariffs on China. Son Hunter was in business with a Chinese oil company. The Big Guy spent his career outsourcing our jobs to the People’s Republic. 

  9. The Clintons and Obamas back in power – Someone has to deal with us deplorables and bitter-clingers. 

  10. Crazy Kamala – Rated the most far-left member of the Senate, and Kavanaugh’s grand inquisitor, as president-in-waiting

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