Wednesday, November 18, 2020

'Amazing blunder': Georgia Recount Finds 2,600 Uncounted Ballots in Conservative County; Second Georgia County Finds 2,755 Uncounted Votes, and related stories

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'Amazing blunder': Georgia recount finds 2,600 uncounted ballots in conservative county:
The recount in Georgia has found that more than 2,600 votes in one conservative county were never tabulated.
According to a report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, more than 2,600 ballots in Floyd County were not counted because a county election official didn’t upload a ballot-scanning machine’s memory card.
Gabriel Sterling, the state’s voting systems manager, said Floyd County’s elections director should resign over such “an amazing blunder.”
“It’s not an equipment issue. It’s a person not executing their job properly,” he told the Journal Constitution. “This is the kind of situation that requires a change at the top of their management side.” --->READ MORE HERE
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Second Georgia county finds uncounted ballots:
A second Georgia county has uncovered a trove of votes not previously included in election results, but the additional votes won’t change the overall outcome of the presidential race, the secretary of state’s office said Tuesday.
A memory card that hadn’t been uploaded in Fayette County, just south of Atlanta, was discovered during a hand tally of the votes in the presidential race that stems from part of a legally mandated audit to ensure the new election machines counted the votes accurately, said Gabriel Sterling, a top official in the secretary of state’s office.
The memory card’s 2,755 votes are not enough to flip the lead in the state from Democrat Joe Biden to Republican President Donald Trump. The breakdown of the uncounted ballots was 1,577 for Trump, 1,128 for Biden, 43 for Libertarian Jo Jorgensen and seven write-ins, Sterling said. --->READ MORE HERE
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