Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Trump says WHO admitted he’s right on COVID-19 lockdowns; Barrett Confirmation Hearing Will Comply With CDC Rules, and other C-Virus Updates

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Trump says WHO admitted he’s right on COVID-19 lockdowns
President Trump on Monday celebrated recent remarks by a World Health Organization leader that indefinite COVID-19 lockdowns are bad.
“The World Health Organization, did you see what happened? They came out a little while ago and they admitted that Donald Trump was right,” Trump said during a large rally in Sanford, Fla. — his first after recovering from the coronavirus.
“The lockdowns are doing tremendous damage to these Democrat-run states where they are locked down, sealed up. Suicide rates, drug rates, alcoholism, death by so many different forms. You can’t do that,” Trump said.
Trump slammed Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden for saying in August he would seek to re-impose harsh restrictions if scientists advised it.
“Biden would terminate our recovery, delay the vaccine, prolong the pandemic and annihilate Florida’s economy with a draconian, unscientific lockdown — that’s what he wants to do, lock it down, lock it down everybody,” Trump told the crowd. --->READ MORE HERE
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Lindsey Graham: Barrett confirmation hearing will comply with CDC rules:
Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Lindsey Graham, who tested negative for COVID-19 last week, is pushing forward with Supreme Court confirmation hearing of Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s, which begins Monday.
Democrats have been objecting to holding the hearings after two Republican members of the committee were positive for COVID-19 earlier this month.
“We are going to do what every American has to do come Monday — go to work, safely,” Mr. Graham told Fox News. --->READ MORE HERE
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