Tuesday, October 13, 2020

DAY 1: Amy Coney Barrett SCOTUS Confirmation Hearings, Take-Aways, Reactions, and FULL Videos of Hearing

'In a category of excellence': Graham praises Barrett and warns Democrats against Kavanaugh repeat:
Sen. Lindsey Graham opened the historic confirmation hearing of Judge Amy Coney Barrett by praising her as academically gifted and admired for integrity and by warning Democrats against repeating the process that dragged out the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
Graham, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, on Monday outlined the Senate schedule to usher Barrett through the confirmation process and advance her to the Supreme Court, likely before the Nov. 3 election.
Graham, a South Carolina Republican, described Barrett as “in a category of excellence” that should make the nation proud but warned that the confirmation will take place in an election year.
“My Democratic colleagues will say, 'This has never been done,'” he said, countering, “The Senate is doing its duty, constitutionally,” even though no justice has been confirmed so close to an election.
Graham said there have been 19 justices confirmed in an election year, 17 of them when the White House and Senate parties were aligned. --->READ MORE HERE
Republicans go on offense on religion at Barrett hearing as Democrats pivot to Obamacare:
Senate Republicans at the Monday Supreme Court confirmation hearings pushed harder against "religious tests" posed to Judge Amy Coney Barrett, even as Senate Democrats dropped the subject and pivoted toward criticisms of her alleged opposition to the Affordable Care Act.
The Republican strategy, prompted by criticisms of Barrett's Catholicism in the weeks leading up to the hearings, featured prominently in the opening remarks of many members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, including those of Chuck Grassley, Ben Sasse, and Josh Hawley. All three claimed Democrats have been biased against Barrett, as well as other religious nominees, because they hold personal views out of step with the legal consensus on abortion, gay marriage, and religious liberty.
Both Sasse and Hawley delivered lengthy speeches on the subject, with Sasse decrying "religious tests" posed by Democrats and Hawley slamming the party as displaying unconstitutional, open hostility to faith.
"This bedrock principle of American liberty is now under attack," Hawley said, referencing previous questions about faith posed by Democrats to Barrett and others. --->READ MORE HERE
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