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Radical Leftists Release Guide To 'Stop the Coup' and 'Disrupt' America if Election Is Close; READ: Left-wing Radicals Post Online Guide to ‘Disrupting’

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Radical Leftists Release Guide To 'Stop the Coup' and 'Disrupt' America if Election Is Close:
Radical left activists have released an online “resistance” guide which outlines how they can coordinate to disrupt the country should President Donald Trump be re-elected to a second term next month, or if the results of the election are close.
Through uprisings, massive and nationwide civil unrest, job walkouts and more, the group ShutDownDC has authored a document as a roadmap for post-election interference.
The manifesto, if you will, has been meticulously crafted and has received significant editorial oversight — meaning this is no manifesto written by fringe and uneducated radicals.
The document has been well-written, and is an apparent product of a group called The Disruption Project, which vows it is dedicated to “supporting uprisings, resistance and mass direct action.”
The document calls for the possibility of violence in the wake of the election results, and adds: “In the end, the actual electorate might be split, half truly believing that Trump was elected legally, and half knowing that he was not.” --->READ MORE HERE
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READ: Left-wing Radicals Post Online Guide to ‘Disrupting’ the Country if Election is Close:
An organization of radical left-wing activists has posted an online guide to “disruption” that outlines a plan to shut down the country and force President Donald Trump from power in the event that the 2020 election is too close to call.
The guide, “Stopping the Coup,” available as a Google doc, is being circulated by a group called ShutDownDC. It casts its plan for disruption as a response to an imagined “coup” by the president in the case of a close election.
In an email promoting the guide, ShutDownDC declares: “Preventing Donald Trump from stealing the election and remaining in office is likely to take mass, sustained disruptive movements all over the country.” The guide is a manual to that “disruption.”
Parts of the guide are committed to ensuring a “fair election.” Parts of it, however, read like a manual for staging a coup rather than a guide to preventing one:
In the context of a coup or highly contested election we need to be clear that our actions must directly affect the structures and pillars of power. Our largest asset in this regard utilizes the ideas of non-compliance through massive, broad based direct action. Where we can, we need to be in the streets, on the highways, or at the sites of power and power holders. In our jobs and lives we must refuse to allow those taking control the legitimacy of the power they seek through strikes, slowdowns, and boycotts, and public refusal to accept an illegitimate ruling party.
Another section urges activists to stop American life from continuing if the election does not go their way (original emphasis): --->READ MORE HERE
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