Monday, October 19, 2020

2020: Year of the Black GOP Renaissance, Thanks to Trump; John James blasts Biden: 'You're only where you are because you were Obama's vice president', and related stories

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2020: Year of the Black GOP Renaissance, Thanks to Trump:
Twenty-seven Black Republican candidates are running for Congress this election, and that is a good thing for the Republican Party, our political system, and our entire country.
In 2016, when Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel headed the Michigan GOP, all the political pundits and pollsters wrote off the state as fly-over country and certainly did not think a Republican could do well there. And yet Donald J. Trump beat Hillary Clinton and won that diverse state. The investments and effective campaigning laid the foundation for 2020.
The RNC, in addition to running print ads in Black newspapers and hosting GOTV events from our Black Voices for Trump Community Centers, just launched a new seven-figure voter-contact initiative to directly target and engage with Black voters in urban communities all over the country, safely knocking on doors to get out the vote for President Trump.
Today in Michigan, veteran businessman and rising GOP star John James is running to be the next U.S. senator from that state. After serving in the military for eight years and earning a Combat Action Badge and two Air Medals, James went on to become president of James Group International, growing the family business into a major trading partner in the Michigan auto industry. He knows what it takes to achieve the great American comeback for his state. John James and President Trump are two leaders made in the USA for this moment. --->READ MORE HERE
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John James blasts Biden: 'You're only where you are because you were Obama's vice president':
Returns fire after former veep dismissed Black Republican Senate challenger as a 'disaster'
Michigan Senate candidate John James unloaded on Joseph R. Biden’s history of condescending comments about Black Americans after the Democratic presidential candidate referred to the Republican as a “disaster.”
“Joe Biden, don’t forget your place in Black America,” Mr. James said in a Friday online video. “You’re only where you are because you were Barack Obama’s vice president. That’s it. That’s it. The people who you rely on so desperately for the position you’re in and for the position you want are African Americans, yet you continue to insult us.”
Mr. James, who is Black, swung back after the former vice president weighed in on the Senate race during an appearance in Southfield, Michigan, with Democratic Sen. Gary Peters, who is running for reelection against Mr. James. --->READ MORE HERE
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