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Minneapolis Residents Scared To Leave Their Homes As City On The Brink, and related stories

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'I'm scared to even drive after dark'
Why are Minneapolis residents terrified to leave their homes in recent months? For the same reason why someone brazenly shot and killed an anti-Antifa counterprotester in broad daylight in Denver on Saturday. There is no deterrent against violent criminals any more and therefore no protection for the average citizen.
"We have never seen anything like this."
"I'm scared to even drive after dark."
"I don't feel safe walking around my neighborhood."
"Everybody feels the same way. We all want to move."
This is just some of the feedback that members of the Minneapolis city council received during a meeting of the Public Health and Safety Committee last Thursday, according to Alpha news. During a two-hour virtual hearing, numerous citizens spoke about their concern of understaffed and demoralized police and the role of the city's politicians in emboldening criminals. With almost a quarter of the year left to go, there is already a 37.5% increase in homicides over the 12-month total of 2019.
The message has essentially been telegraphed that law and order is a racist concept, and so long as anyone acts violently in the name of "racial justice," it is forgiven or even encouraged. The black communities closest to the violence are paying for this a lot more than the gated communities of politicians.
Bill Rodriguez, a passionate citizen speaker at the meeting, summed up the consequences perfectly. "If we don't act soon, here's what's going to happen: you'll be presiding over the biggest exodus of businesses and families that this town has ever seen just as some of you are running for reelection next year."
LINK: Trump Supporter Shot Dead in
Denver, Media Tiptoes Around It

But in city after city, we are seeing the opposite of law and order. The city officials are taking actions to discourage the police and encourage violent criminals, particularly those involved with BLM and ANTIFA. According to the Oregonian, out of 974 criminal cases stemming from the Portland riots over the past several months, 666 were dropped by Multnomah District Attorney Mike Schmidt. Moreover, only 7 out of the 39 arrests for assaulting police officers resulted in charges being filed. The outlet even found 18 individuals who were arrested three or more times throughout the rioting since May. Nearly all the charges have been dropped.
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