Thursday, October 1, 2020

DEMs' New COVID Bill Removes Police Funding, Drawing GOP Outrage; FL Schools Reopened en masse, But a Surge in Coronavirus Didn't Follow, and other C-Virus Updates

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Democrats' New COVID Bill Removes Police Funding, Drawing GOP Outrage:
As anti-police rioters call for defunding the police, House Democrats are no longer interested in putting money for police programs in the latest coronavirus relief bill.
The most recent version of the $2.2 trillion HEROES Act does not include $600 million for police programs that were in earlier versions of the mammoth legislation, according to Fox News.
Those earlier versions included $300 million for Community Oriented Police Services Programs, whose funds go toward hiring additional officers, and $300 million for Byrne Justice Assistance Grants, which allow local departments buy personal protective equipment.
The Democratic explanation is that other funding streams have emerged to address the need for PPE.
That cut no ice with Republican Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana, who equated the action to pandering to mobs calling for defunding the police,. --->READ MORE HERE
Florida schools reopened en masse, but a surge in coronavirus didn't follow, a USA TODAY analysis finds:
Many teachers and families feared a spike in COVID-19 cases when Florida made the controversial push to reopen schools in August with in-person instruction.
A USA TODAY analysis shows the state’s positive case count among kids ages 5 to 17 declined through late September after a peak in July. Among the counties seeing surges in overall cases, it’s college-age adults – not schoolchildren – driving the trend, the analysis found.
The early results in Florida show the success of rigorous mask wearing, social distancing, isolating contacts and quick contact tracing when necessary, health experts said.
“Many of the schools that have been able to successfully open have also been implementing control measures that are an important part of managing spread in these schools,” said Dr. Nathaniel Beers, who serves on the American Academy of Pediatrics' Council on School Health. --->READ MORE HERE
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