Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The First Trump/Biden Debate: Reactions, Take-Aways, and Full Video

Watch Full Debate HERE:

WSJ: Trump and Biden’s First Presidential Debate: The Moments That Mattered

USA TODAY: 'Will you shut up, man?': Testy exchanges on health care, Supreme Court among debate top moments

LA TIMES: Key takeaways from the first presidential debate between Trump and Biden

FOX NEWS: Debate goes off the rails as Trump interrupts, Biden bickers in shoutfest

TELEMUNDO POLL: 66 Percent of Spanish-Speaking Viewers Believe Trump Defeated Biden in Presidential Debate

Howie Carr: Presidential debate moderator just another hostile interrogator

Biden Refuses to Say Whether He Backs Packing Court, Ending Filibuster

Yes, Joe Biden Called U.S. Troops “Stupid Bastards” — Here’s The Video

Joe Biden Falsely Claims Dr. Fauci Never Flip-Flopped On Masks

Joe Biden Denies Allegations Against His Son Hunter, Claims He ‘Did Nothing Wrong’

Donald Trump to Joe Biden: You Treated Black Community ‘as Bad as Anybody in This Country’

Biden Claims Suburbs Will Be ‘Flooded,’ ‘Burned Out’ Because of Trump’s Inaction on Environment, Virus — ‘People Are Dying”

Joe Biden: ‘Antifa Is an Idea, Not an Organization’

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